A day travel to Monaco

Tourism in Monaco is the second smallest country in the world after the Vatican State and almost the entire territory is urban, located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea and France. Visitors to Italy or France can easily take the train or air in order to visit the country of Monaco is a small people extremely beautiful.Though the country is not in the European Union but because due to the country’s border with France so the euro is still used extensively in this next money Monaco.

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Tourism in Monaco

With an area of small, should Monaco has the highest population density in the world with around 17000 people/km2. But one thing in particular is the Monaco account for only 20 percent of the population here, and much of the uk, France, Germany, Italy, Monaca is known as tax havens because here all the items are tax free. Because the fins are countries with huge entry rate-they come here to save on income tax and inheritance tax. People here don’t pay personal income tax. The entrepreneur, the famous stars in the world are also often visit this place to shop without fearing to be taxed.

Monaco is considered the private playground of the Grimaldi by his family has seized power ruled the country for more than 700 years. Although it is an independent nation but Monaco’s defense matters remain the responsibility of management. French is also considered the official language here, while the address was old people used and taught in local schools. They mouth each other that, the country of Monaco only exists when the Grimaldi and, once the family no longer then this small country ruled by France.

In 1861, the country of Monaco had to cut off half his territory to France in Exchange for cash and the independence so most of the natural resources of Monaco has followed his piece of land. On this economy of Monaco 2 main branches under development is the travel and playing has become the main income of the inhabitants of this place. With a mild climate, Monaco is also the land of fairy art, culture, cuisine, and is consistent with the type of water sport spot fake and casinos. World famous special race car I.

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Tourism in Monaco

Shopping in Monaco

The country is still small but is considered the shopping haven of entrepreneurs and big stars in the world. Here the city is the focus of every dish luxury brands such as Gucci, Prada and. .. There is also a market of Condamine, pedestrian Princess Caroline and the commercial centre as well as the busiest shopping district, the bustling

Eating in Monaco

Because development in tourist areas, so the food here is also extremely expensive. If you walk into the restaurant Louis XV then there will most likely be sitting along the world’s richest character but the payment invoice was horrible. In contrast, for those normal tourists can choose the normal outlets or buy snacks on the streets.

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Tourism in Monaco

Visit Monaco

This tiny country is the best way to see and to visit this city is on foot, seven had. here free books are located in the areas steep hills to help tourists from hard work. An avenue that visitors who come here should also not forgotten is the Boulevard Saint-Martin. The Boulevard has beautiful scenery and a Monaco Cathedral, dating from the 19th century. It is also the site of many weddings of Prince Ranier and Princess Grace and many others in the clan Grimaldi. On this path the Oceanographic Museum with over 400 different species.

A very small building containing the cover looks nice but you still want to stop and explore more. If you intend to go on European tour then remember visiting this beautiful country. Wish you an unforgettable trip.

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