Admire the beauty of the city’s most United States: Los Angeles

Vadim Tereshchenko took nearly 2 years to implement video in the form hyperlapse city of Los Angeles in just 2 minutes.

The video is a combination of video hyperlapse was Vadim Tereshchenko rotation during the past 2 years.


Vadim spent a lot of time to examine the position, waiting for the perfect conditions to capture the beauty of the city. In this clip, light plays a very important role.

Hyperlapse , Los Angeles , Vadim , American touristLos Angeles in the morning. Photo: Vadim Tereshchenko

You can admire the sunrise moments or sunset; moments begin or end a day in the city of Los Angeles are displayed vividly and incredible charm.

Vadim has used many tricks and experience that he himself learned during the filming, montage. This made him lose a lot of time, but important to be able to finish a complete film is most available passion.

20150821104036--1 Bettertraveltips.comThe scene on the night of the city. Photo: Vadim Tereshchenko

Vadim use music that is a song called One Day Pretty Light Know They’ll be Odesza remixed.He said there are so many great songs in the album of Pretty Light that you can enjoy. But this music is extremely wonderful and perfect fit with the idea of ​​the video.

20150821104036--2 Bettertraveltips.comVadim Tereshchenko. Photo: Instagram

Vadim Tereshchenko an American expert on technological art hyperlapse to montage. He made ​​a lot of video hyperlapse about America. Along admire unique beauty of the most dynamic cities  America.

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