12 things in America that visitors unexpectedly

Is a vast country and the diversity of cultures, the US made many surprise guests and practices as well as their lifestyle.

Guests can reimburse what they buy


Aniruddh Chaturvedi, an Indian member of wep travel site Quora, very surprised about product returns policy in many US stores. According to him, in some cases, store employees receive the product without checking it has a problem or not, and to return money to customers. “Almost all shops were to apply the policy to allow customers to return the product,” Chaturvedi said.

Americans are very patriotic

Chaturvedi said the American flag around the country.

“I was surprised to see the American people fly the national flag in many schools, even the roof. However, India enacted more stringent regulations on the use and display national flags,” he commented .

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Americans often proud of their country. Photo: Reuters

Clean country

Dan Holliday, a Spaniard and visiting friends in the US – commented, considering his country, the United States is relatively clean, because he sees less trash in a public place. British police surprised a litter offside.

The cost of health care is very expensive

Aditya Lesmana, a tourist from Asia, said that health care costs in the US is very large. So Americans have health insurance. If you do not have health insurance, but unfortunately get sick, you have to pay a huge sum for treatment in hospitals in the US.

Taxi fares are not cheap

Another member in India also say that most Americans do not use taxis to move because freight is very expensive. People just take a taxi when no private vehicles, or no public transport. Meanwhile, in India, the taxi is a public transport that people often use to get around.

13 (Bettertravetips.com)A taxi on the road in America. Photo: Flickr.

Very good customer service

Riona MacNamara, travelers from Ireland but lived in Seattle for 17 years, said she enjoyed the customer service in the United States better than the service in Ireland.

The majority of Americans use credit cards for payment

Triya Bhattacharya, an Indian, found many places do not accept credit card payments. “And in the US, credit cards are widely loss. With a small picnic, Americans also accept payment by credit card fees. The habit was so wonderful,” she commented.

Americans tend to tip staff

Bhattacharya also expressed her disappointment about having to leave a tip. She asks: “I paid to the barber for me and then I had to give a tip because they deserved to cut my hair back?”.

12 (Bettertravetips.com)Money staff after using a service of the American habit. Photo: Flickr.

Public transport is not available

Natalia Rekhter, a visitor from Russia, said that if living in a large city in the US, you need a car to get around. In the US, public transportation is rare, except in a few major cities.

Religion is an integral part

Olof Åkerlund, one from Sweden, was surprised by the number of Americans believe in God. “The role of religion in the United States is much stronger than in other Western countries,” says Olof.

Americans especially love sports

Americans are affected with an active lifestyle. As to the US, travelers often see people jogging, cycling reporter, skating or do yoga in the park. The tennis courts and swimming pools in the summer bustles and fitness clubs as well in such a situation.

The gap between a very big city

Candace Dempsey, an Italian-American, said her family can not believe the gap between the major US cities such. She said: “When my relatives came to America, they think could visit me in Seattle, and the New York City, Miami, Grand Canyon and the film capital Hollywood for one week only by car. However, they do not know that the distance from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast is 3,000 miles away. ”

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