Palazzo – the largest resort America

Palazzo is a luxury resort hotel with casino and holds the record for the most expensive and monumental scale in Nevada. The resort was designed by Dallas, with the largest and most extensive suites of Las Vegas.


The construction of the resort began in March 2/2006 and takes a lot of time in the space allocated for the underground parking. 3/2007 In the hotel elevator was completed.

The casino was officially opened in 2008. The building has a total floor area of 6,948,980 m2and has become the largest building in the United States.

Palazzo is a resort built with $ 1.8 billion. Here, guests are greeted by a glass dome and a two-tiered fountain. The 642 m high tower and the hotel has a total of 3068 rooms. Palazzo is a certified building in the United States the largest and it is also building the world’s tenth largest in floor space.

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