Art return excess cash while in Japan

When the cold weary of customer service at your place, go to Japan, where the customer is king and all transactions are finished with a polite bow.

Dedication to customer service also extends to how to receive and pay in stores across Japan.


Considered as an art, a simple payment at the cashier in Japan include many steps and correct operation, to satisfy the needs of both sides and complete the transaction in a polite way.

All transactions are finished with a polite bow.

Normally, customers will receive the excess money in the following order and with the feeling of being respected as members of the royal family:

1. Counting money

In Japan, pre-printed portraits in one hand. Employees collect money so that people will hold face-portraits have towards you and parallel to a wall, perpendicular to the floor. They will use two handles money and count out loud the excess amount.

2. Putting money

Excess money will be given to you in a certain order, with the largest denomination sheet at the bottom. When you put money into the purse, your money stays in the order from small to large, more convenient for the next transaction.

3. Insert the coin and bill

Then, the cashier will fold back the bill if long bill, then put the coins neatly on top. Thus, you will not have to touch the coin. Then you can easily place coins into the coin contained in the wallet, and left on the table the bill to the cashier box or put it in your purse. They bowed politely, and you’re done.

This is not only a great way to treat customers and ensure there are no mistakes or disputes, but also to customers who are lining up quickly to serve.

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