One day walk around Seoul by bus

If you just want to just look to Seoul and feel of this city as well as to the most visited spot then by bus experience.


Seoul, South Korea’s capital, owns one of the subway system in the world modern. But Subway is not the ideal way to visiting Seoul for the first time guests arrive here and want to visit the famous tourist locations in one day. Seoul City Tour Bus (city bus tour Seoul) is an option you should consider.

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The tour bus service to visit Seoul.


– Contact: Phone: (02) 777-6090, website:

– The journey does not take place on the second day, unless that second day is the national holiday.

– Tickets for children 6-18 years of age, 2,000 won cheaper than adult fares on a bus journey floors, and 4,000 won cheaper on double-decker buses.

– To learn more about iTour Seoul, visit its website at


The starting point of all the Seoul City Tour Bus journey is in front of Gwanghwamun Donghwa Duty Free. To get there, go from easiest to Gwanghwamun Station, line No. 5, No. 6 gates or City Hall Station, line No. 1 and 2, gate number 3 (then walk another 300 m).

With four tour itinerary, two day tour and two night tour, Seoul City Tour Bus will go around the city and frequent guests can stop off to admire and then go forward whenever they want.Having both a floor buses and two floors, depending on the journey that we choose. All seats on buses are equipped with headphones for the radio service travel guide multilingual such as Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese and French, the guide will give you more details about the destination on that journey.

The journey for guests to choose from

– The journey around the city (City Circulation Course) is the most complete journey of four Seoul City Tour itinerary which provides bus with 26 stops at a lot of the main tourist attractions in Seoul as well as to many hotels for more convenience to guests.

– Itinerary Cheonggye / palace (Cheonggye / Palace Course) will stop at 13 points around the downtown area and Cheonggyecheon stream, including palaces, museums, and many other large markets.

– Night bus journey 1 floor (1-Story Night Bus Course) and night bus journey 2 levels (2-Story Night Bus Course) will follow the same itinerary, crossing four major bridges spanning the river Hangang west and east of Seoul, take the northern waterfront and passing Namsan area and Dongdaemun Market.

Journey around the city

Is the most complete itinerary of four cruise tourists by tour buses will be on one floor and will pay the cost for the trip is 10,000 won per person. Journey will stop at 26 locations.

This is the journey that you should go if you want to spend a day watching the diverse landscape of the city of Seoul, from a quiet place like Palace Changgyeonggung noisy bazaars to Dongdaemun, Itaewon area bustling with restaurants multiculturalism great restaurant, the museum and memorial. To visit all the points that will take at least half a day or maybe more.Every 30 minutes a bus will have this so you’ll never have to wait long.

Featured sites

Deoksugung Palace

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The palace is small but very nicely. You will have the opportunity to admire the architecture changes after the main transformer late 19th century, early 20th century when Korea suffered crushing from other world powers after 500 years of stability and independence.

National Museum of Korea

As one of the largest museums in the world in terms of area. Korean National Museum is the museum of the Korean national spirit. The museum displays 13,000 artifacts, which include a number of works of art and traditional crafts of Korea’s most amazing.

Namsangol Hanok Village

Collection of new homes are restored and built Namsan will give you some understanding of traditional Korean village under the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). Here you will also experience the traditional culture through a number of activities in the village.

Dongdaemun Market

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This is a row of crowded bazaars and shopping malls that many of them open 24/24.Dongdaemun Market is a haven for those who want to go shopping shoes, clothes, accessories and more.

Journey Cheonggyeocheon / Palace

This journey is shorter journeys around the city in terms of both distance and time, therefore, it will only focus on historical stream Cheonggyeocheon and four in the royal palace. Each passenger will have to pay 12,000 won and will look to 13 destinations.

This journey is a great way to enjoy the scenery in central Seoul. You can also drop off at a lot of points on the journey as Cheonggyecheon stream bisects the plaza and Cheonggyecheon Dongdaemun Market. Journey will also introduce one or two points to which your travel book not to mention as museums Agriculture. Every one will have one hour’s bus journey.

Featured sites


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Regions most famous theater venues Seoul is also plenty of shops, cinemas and good dining places, in addition to a jazz bar and many other shops. It is appropriate to begin the walk along the eastern wall of ancient Seoul Naksan mountain crossing.


As one of the tourist destinations Top Seoul, Insadong center close to the ancient capital and had plenty of shops selling traditional Korean furniture. Here too there are many traditional teahouses, delicious eateries and other attractions if you want to walk comfortably and stroll through the store to shop.

Seoul Museum of History

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Learn more about the majestic 600-year history of the ancient capital city of Seoul to become what it is today, starting from when the capital was chosen as the lower end of the 14th century Joseon museum also exhibits many pictures photos and artifacts of a past Seoul as well as organizing special exhibits in some occasions.

Night bus journey 1 and 2-storey floor

Night bus journey 1 story

Departure at 8 pm, two cruise almost to follow a similar path. Visitors will be sitting on the bus and city sightseeing night barely sleeping. 1 floor buses cost 5,000 won while the trip takes 2 story 10,000 won.

Night bus journey 2 floors

One of the key projects of the recent Seoul city government’s regeneration project on the river hangan. Objective of the project is to reconstruct the North shore and South shore major rivers flowing through Seoul to easily look to people as well as creating a high-quality green space to rest, relax, exercise, as well as the Location. This space has been built through a series of riverside parks are interconnected.

Featured sites

Water Tower Moonlight Rainbow

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Water Tower Moonlight Rainbow on Banpo Bridge is one of the highlights of the journey by the river the night newly recreated. Light engulfed water towers throughout the afternoon until night. Performances on the water tower was started at 20:30.

The night journey also takes you to Mt. Namsan, one of the most popular destinations for panoramic night view of Seoul.

How to search for information by phone in Seoul

Lease Guide iPhone in South Korea

If no or not carrying their iPhone you can hire iPhone in South Korea at the center of global roaming SHOW at the following locations: Incheon International Airport (between 6 and 7 and between port 10 and port 11) ; Gimpo International Airport (Exit 1); City Airport, Logis & Travel (second floor), airport limousine bus stop. Phone: (02) 1588-0608


– You can hire iPhone price from 3,000 won per day for the first time and 1,500 won rent per day rent for the next time. Fee for domestic calls is 110 won per minute while data usage fee is 1.5 won per 0.5 KB.

– ITour Seoul is offering a number of free tickets iPhone User rent in five days for customers who use this service and will answer questions online about this problem. Visit

Official website of Seoul city Seoul iTour provide tourist information fairly comprehensive and you can also learn through the website running on your phone or iPhone application. iTour Seoul also offer travel guidebooks, discount coupon tickets, help book accommodations, planning trips and places to eat, sleep, tourist attractions, shops and many other places.Website version used for Seoul iTour phone gives you all the services provided on the website smart phone or other mobile device to your.

Finding information with iPhone app

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Search App on iPhone iTour very comfortable.

Version of the iPhone or iPod applications iTour Seoul sold in the Apple App Store (Apple’s App Store) will have the same functionality as the web version, but it’s more compact. The core of this application is that the information is divided by topic. You can use it on the spot you are standing to plan journeys and checking maps, transportation, contact information and much more. This service is supported for iPhone and iPod applications, the version used for other smart phones still being developed. To purchase iTour Seoul app, go to the App Store, search by keyword “Seoul” then click on “iTour Seoul”. This app is free.

The iPhone app helps tourists visiting Seoul

iTour quite skillfully combined Seoul Seoul City Tour Bus with, thus enabling you to search for tourist attractions, dining places as well as other locations depending on the area that you had come across Seoul. The iPhone you can also hire an international airport at Incheon, Gimpo International Airport and the city’s airport, logistics parks and tourism (Logis & Travel) in Gangnam.

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