Thailand ranks 3rd in Asia in international tourism revenue

General Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has complete marketing plan and strategy for the country’s tourism industry in 2016 with the objective to hold 3rd place in Asia in international tourism receipts.


Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, Minister of Tourism and Sports of Thailand have called on the country’s tourism development based on the principle of the “3Rs”: restructuring (restructuring), rebalancing (rebalancing) and repositioning (repositioning ). The goal was to Thailand as a leading destination for international travelers.

Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul said the TAT marketing plan in 2016 that will focus on three main objectives are: increased visitor spending, increase the number of days of stay of tourists and enhance the overall quality of the industry calendar.

Goals by 2016 Thailand’s tourism industry is in the top 3 on the international tourism revenue in Asia. Photo:

Due to the economic uncertainty in Europe and the US should target TAT is focusing on emerging markets, especially China, India and ASEAN countries.

According to statistics of 2014, Western tourists to this country accounted for 60% rate, while Asians are 40%. As expected, this rate will be balance in this year’s 50/50. China alone, about 6 million tourists this country to Thailand this year and rise to 7 million by next year.

Minister of Tourism and Sports of Thailand said: “In 2016, we are confident that Thailand will remain in the top 3 in terms of revenue from international tourism in Asia”. Objectives set out in tourism revenue in 2016 Thailand was increased by approximately 8%, higher than expected earnings in 2015.

Thailand’s tourism industry continues to keep the slogan “Amazing Thailand” in 2016.

TAT also said that Thailand has had an advantage in easily connect tourists to the country via air, road and sea. Simultaneously, it is also exempt from visa and visa-on to citizens of 68 countries and territories.

2016, Thailand’s tourism industry continues to hold the slogan “Amazing Thailand” products and services “Thai bold”. Also focus and strike hard at the audience like: tourism romantic (honeymoon), tourism combined with sports (golf), medical tourism combines health care, destination most Muslims. In particular, Thailand’s tourism industry will also focus strongly on the target customer is female travelers.

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