The beautiful night market when traveling Bangkok

Along explore the night market you should definitely visit Bangkok while traveling nhé!

1. Asiatique

If you want to have a combination of two forms: commercial centers and night markets are Asiatique is the ideal choice.


This zone is open dissipated from 5pm, with 1,500 stores and more than 40 restaurants for you freely choose. Asiatique is located on the Chao Phraya river and you can get there by boat. Here are divided into several different areas, each area carries a unique features, such as specialized trade zones vintage dresses, which sells furniture design district …

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Goods sold at Asiatique very diverse. Photo:

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Asiatique as a gathering place for young people at night, but you can walk for fresh air and both are excellent shopping dining. Photo:

Note: Asiatique is open from 5 pm until midnight. The best way to reach the boat Asiatique.Travellers should take the Skytrain from Saphan Taksin station, then walk to the waterfront, and then scroll down a boat at dock Thaksin BTS, takes about 15 minutes. Boat from Saphan Taksin station to Asiatique activities from 4:30 pm until 11:30 pm. You should avoid traveling by taxi because the road leading to Asiatique frequent traffic jams.

2. Chatuchak Weekend Night Market

Chatuchak, Thai weekend market means, so just meeting market every Saturday, Sunday.Market was built in the 40s of last century, after many vicissitudes, move, markets now located on an area of ​​over 1 km² on Phahonyothin Road, the center of Bangkok. Chatuchak is the shopping paradise at the weekend for those who arrive in Bangkok.

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You can find almost anything at Chatuchak. Photo:

This is a popular shopping destination for Thais and tourists. Thais from all over flock here to buy and carry on sale in local shops. Estimates every weekend, around 200,000 people coming here, of which 30% are tourists.

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A massage a “riot” at the market. Photo:

Note: At Chatuchak, if you like something and found items at reasonable prices, buy always, because you almost can not find its correct position shop’ve ever come across. In order to Chatuchak, visitors will go Mo Chit Skytrain terminal or subway (MRT) to Chatuchak Park.

Hours of operation: Friday: from 6 pm – midnight; Saturday and Sunday: 9am – 6pm.

3. Night Market Khao San

Khao San Road night market where all backpack tourists can find all featured items Thailand such as Thai dishes, pullover or other souvenirs. Khao San Road night market open 24/7. The food stalls will be open from morning to cater to tourists, but when the sun goes down, the music started and the streets resounded become busy until 11pm.

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Spend an evening stroll on the bustling streets and the crowded tourists, definitely you will purchase some cheap stuff interesting there. Photo:

4. Night Market Silom – Patpong

As downtown alone during the day, but the evening turned into a center Silom serving tourists with shops on the sidewalk makeshift roadside, sold mainly souvenirs and jewelry accessories .

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The atmosphere at the night markets bustling Silom. Photo:

In parallel with Silom is Patpong, shopping and entertainment celebrities that many people still often reminded that less than Patpong then regarded as unknown to Bangkok. This red light district is home to more than 100 bars, massage parlors, karaoke … and a night market tourists with varied souvenir items.

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A Patpong night market stalls. Photo:

Silom lasted from Dusit Thani Hotel Dusit Thani street corner to street Charoenkrung waterfront. Please welcome to the Skytrain station Sala Daeng trip and would like to in the middle road.

Note: The hawker at Silom is only open from about 18h pm to 1 am from 3rd to Sunday, while Patpong red light district operating until 2 am every day of the week.

5. Ratchadapisek Night Market

Ratchadapisek remains a secret of Bangkok with tourists and foreigners to the city. Only works on the 6th and 7th at the weekly night market Ratchadapisek long row of empty shops especially old furniture with very cheap price. Here you can find lots of antiques and rare here as the old camera, records, LPs, phone dialer, auto parts, old bicycles, until the first edition the famous book of Thai, …

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If you want a shopping experience true Thai different, do not miss the Ratchadapisek. Photo:

Note: In order to Ratchadapisek, guests sit subway (MRT) Ratchadapisek and the gate terminal 2, then turn left and walk for a few minutes, you will see the market.

6. Rot Fai Night Market

Located in Prawet district of Bangkok southeast, Rot Fai is one of the most impressive night market in Bangkok. When night falls, you can most clearly feel the freshness of the market with colorful stalls of green, red, purple, yellow … French people laughed, the sound of the expense, villagers footsteps local tourists and appear regularly in the market.

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Space at the market full of colors Rot Fai. Photo:

Sexism classic and artistic, Talad Rot Fai Night Market also become favorite scene photographers. In addition to shopping, you should also try the street food sold along Bangkok bazaar or enjoy a cup of coffee in the restaurant is designed with recycled materials.

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After shopping, guests can enjoy coffee stop at the shop is designed with recycled items.Photo:

Note: Market operates from 2 pm to midnight and Sunday the 7th day of the week.

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