The paradise islands of Japan few people know

Think of Japan, many people believe that this is an appropriate country to go swimming. The truth is that this country has many beautiful beaches.


The island paradise of Japanese obscure.


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Yonaha Maehama Beach, Miyako Island: Located in the southwestern corner of the island, this white sand beach stretching over 6 km. With clear waters and shallow, this is the famous venue for guests to swim and play sports on the beach. In low season, Yonaha Maehama feels relaxed, peaceful as a private beach.

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Kondoi, Taketomi Island: The island is famous Taketomi Ryukyu architecture, aesthetics and lifestyle are preserved from ancient times. Before you drop down a blue waters of the beach Kondoi, you should rent a car to go around the village cow for $ 10.

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Minna, Minna-jima Island: Located on the crescent-shaped island, beach Mina is a favorite of those who enjoy diving. With toilet, shower public, food stalls, rental jet skis and jump rope parks Minna made many families choose.

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Kabira Bay, Ishigaki Island: The biggest island in Yaeyama Islands, Ishigaki has a lot of sand and coral suitable for swimming or sunbathing. One of the most beautiful places do not allow you to do both things.Kabira Bay is an oasis with emerald green waters and white sand beaches located in a national park Iriomote-Ishigaki, this is one of two areas of black pearl farming in Japan. You can buy a boat tour to see the bottom during underwater ecosystem.

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Nishihama, hateruma Island: Island hateruma a stone monument confirm the southernmost point of Japan – where it was taken favorite among travelers. In addition, the island also has beaches with sand beaches Nishihama white and clear waters suitable for diving. Because the island has very few traffic lights and street lights, here is one of the few places in Japan where you can see the Southern Cross constellation.

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Hatenohama, Kume Island: Guests can reach more than 6 km long sandbar located in the eastern town by boat from the port Kume Fisherina Tomari. Surrounded by a ring of coral and rocks, Hatenohama between a shallow water and formed over thousands of years by tidal action. While on the island without trees but you will easily find a place for sunbathing.

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Aharen, Tokashiki Island: Tokashiki Island with great climate not unlike Bahamas. Situated between rich waters, where visitors Tokashiki also have the opportunity to observe sea turtles and migrating humpback whales come here in the winter. Aharen Beach is an ideal place for swimming and snorkelling. Please drop into the clear blue water and watch the colorful fish.

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Nishibama, Aka Island: Island Aka no shortage of beautiful beaches, but the best is Nishibama. White sand just over 1 km long is pretty empty. You can dive in clear waters, lying on the sand watching Zamazi island and nearby islands Amuro. Then you can follow the wooden stairs behind the beach to the observatory on Nishibama bridge.
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