Three days excursion Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a place that can satisfy every visitor, from love to shop, to visit, to love looks modern or ancient.

As you step into the airport, visitors go to the tour desk to get guidance leaflets car and attractions, list ongoing festival in May. Here are suggestions for a three-day itinerary in Hong Kong sleepless city.


You should prepare a buy Octopus card at the airport, train stations and supermarkets 7eleven with a minimum fee of 50 HKD (140,000 contracts), very convenient for living in Hong Kong. To recharge your card, your small to large supermarkets are.

Cards can pay the fare of public vehicles, shopping at the supermarket, restaurant. Octopus has many different types, however, Standard Octopus suit most traveler for easy purchase, recharge and use. This card looks like a miniature purse convenient to you spend in Hong Kong.

Day 1: Wan Chai, Central

From the airport, take the bus to Wan Chai takes about 1.5 hours. You can warm belly with soy sauce and sprinkle shumai que sale at sidewalk stalls or eat breakfast Hong Kong style standards. After stable accommodation make tinkling tram or subway to reach the Central zone.

20150622095948--1 ( Breakfast with egg porridge north draft, quẩy hot and soymilk.

Guests stroll on Hollywood Road, where the ladder lane, the house typical architecture of Hong Kong. Then you come to Man Mo Temple in Central and visit the traditional stalls, art galleries in Soho.

In the afternoon, you return to Wan Chai, to the commercial center of Times Square for shopping, home to many world-renowned brands. Besides many other commercial buildings are mainly sold fashion items. After tiring holiday shopping, you can stop in Times Square basement, Xiao Long Bao taste the famous Hong Kong.

This is an excellent dim sum, thin crust. Gently to Xiao Long Bao onto a spoon, drizzle with a little vinegar and a few strands pink ginger finely chopped, put in your mouth, you will be surprised to feel the appetite.

In the evening, stroll around the market area, you should go to the store on the way Yee Shun Milk Lockhard steaming sip milk or food bowl dessert diverse (tea, ice cream, cakes …) in the nearby store .

Day 2: The Peak, Tsim Sha Tsui

You should get up early morning bus ride to the pier electricity Pacific climbed Mount (The Peak Tram). Buy tickets 2 pm, visitors can sit on the red painted old-fashioned tram slowly up the mountain, a panoramic view of Hong Kong from above. This is a fascinating tourist destination, so you’ll have to queue long to buy tickets.

If concerns queued ship, visitors can choose to go up the mountain bus. There are two points catch the Bus 15 from the landing pier of the center (Central Pier) or Bus 15C from Exchange Square.

Apart from Hong Kong to admire from above, you can shop in a business center, waxwork museum visits, lunch in a restaurant on a cool mountain peaks, relax sipping coffee. There are many types of eateries to choose from, including Vietnam eateries.

20150622095948--2 ( A view from the top corner of Hong Kong The Peak.

Afternoon guests of Victoria harbor or catching Bus 6 at Nathan Road or take the subway from Hong Kong Island to Tsim Sha Tsui (Kowloon Island). Bus 6 takes you straight to the bus parking area next to the Star Ferry Avenue of Stars (Avenue of Stars), where the statue of the famous Hong Kong actor.

You can visit the Art Museum, Historical Museum near the ferry terminal, and shopping along Nathan Road. If fascinated Hong Kong skyline at Kowloon ferry ride over, return to port before 19h30 to find nice seats. Here, you can see the public observation lounge for guests to admire the performances of light on buildings.

Day 3: Disneyland

Disneyland wonderland worthy for you to spend a day. Amusement Park is located on Lantau Island. From Central to Disneyland area takes about 45 to 50 minutes, fare 26 HKD (70,000 contracts) per adult. You can pay by Octopus card.

Specifically, you catch the train from Hong Kong Tung Chung station, to Sunny Bay to Disneyland Resort Line, then change (tram decorated Disneyland style, every detail of the interior feature Mickey Mouse and Minnie).

To save time queuing, you can buy tickets in advance at the China Travel Service office (down 15%) or shopping online via, tickets for a day at Disneyland was 458 HKD (cost 499 HKD) , equivalent to 1.2 million.

excursions Hong Kong , Wan Chai , The Peak , Tsim Sha Tsui , Hong Kong tourism , Hong Kong Disneyland featured with cheerful colors.

Arrive on time Disneyland opened (10am) and avoid weekends will help you reduce the time to stand in long queues waiting. New to the park, you will be attracted by the famous Disney characters. However, do not waste time taking pictures with their line up, please enlist to other game parks, then come back here at midday.

In addition, tourists should visit the opera performed in the reconstruction of the most famous characters of Disney. At 15h and 19h with the parade of Disney characters in the main street (The Main Street). You can come back here to wait for roadside and admire the cult performances with favorite characters.

At night, the performances will shimmer with the costumes, decorative LED lights fitted. Ending a day of playing catch up in Disneyland, 20h before you go to the castle of Sleeping Beauty to enjoy a unique fireworks display.

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