Travel experience not spend a penny in Singapore

Music lovers should visit Baybeats to enjoy hot performances of the most talented artists in the region without having to worry about wasting your money buying tickets.

Is the expensive tourist cities but Singapore still much to explore without worry “burn bag”.Here are the free-solo for this beautiful island is Skyscanner introduces.


The Festival

Singaporeans always boasts countless festivals take place annually, including lots of free events. Music lovers often choose Baybeats do destinations to enjoy the hot performance of the most talented artists of the region.

The Singapore night Festival also hosts the aerial performances, art installations and the spectacular light shows in the street. A vibrant cultural festivals are also not to be missed is the Deepavali with lots of free events, activities.

The brilliant light of the Singapore night Festival.

Visiting temples

Thian Hock Seng is the temple that the travellers should visit history, by contemplate architectural beauty in sacred atmosphere. There is also a Hindu temple, Sri Mariamman and oldest mosques of Sultan with the dome covered with gold hues Majesty, splendor.

Explore hiking

Always focus on creating clean and green environment, Singapore has created about green space from MacRitchie Reservoir to the Bukit Timah nature reserve. You can plan a trip to the expedition’s free here.

If you are looking for friends, groups, adventure and exploration of pedestrian on page is suggested for you. Most of the Group were planning to walk every week in Singapore. All you have to do is pick a good sports shoes and be ready to hit the road.

Explore Gillman Barracks

Gillman Barracks is a former military camp and you can explore the fascinating history of it by a guided tour of the volunteer. This area currently contains 17 contemporary art gallery with a series of exhibitions of international artists. The guides will give you the information on the art and history of this place.

Visit the heritage trail

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Kampong Glam historic district, an ideal place for visitors to explore the history of Singapore.

Opt for a walking tour of Chinatown, visitors should not miss the Buddhist temple and the exhibition in Singapore. Kampong Glam was also one of the great destination for travelers trekking. You will be immersed in the vibrant colors of “fashion path” Haji Lane, Brocade types of collectibles and unique crafts.

Enjoy a movie outdoors

Movie Mob host outdoor movies every month at Marina Bay. You can go to Facebook to reserve the movies like to view, then friends and prepare a basket as a picnic.

In addition, The Substation is also home to short film screenings of the local Director. You may have to pay a fee but also fairly “soft”.

Relax in a garden on the roof mystery

The building’s roof terrace Esplanade gives you sweeping views of Marina Bay. This is also an ideal place to pore over a good book. If you want to find a quiet spot further, head to the garden on the roof of the shopping centre in Orchard Central, open 24 h.


In Singapore the Really Really Free Market, you can get books, clothes and a myriad of souvenir items, items without costing a cent. Community and share is the principle of operation of the markets. Therefore, bring some stuff to this Exchange would be very welcome.

Not just a flea market, this is also where people can show talent, though just open a free yoga class or the psychic readings tarot cards.

The flea market Singapore Really Really Free Market is to exchange the item.

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