What you should know when shopping in Hong Kong

Shopping in Hong Kong are very attractive for tourists, but you need to be prepared if they do not want to lose money shopping paradise ridiculous in this.


Everyone clearly Hong Kong is a city without sleep, is the convergence of numerous brands from budget to super luxury. Shopping in Hong Kong, therefore, are very attractive for tourists.And you need to know some things do not want to lose money if the petitioners in this shopping paradise.

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Hong Kong is a shopper’s paradise but also a lot of pitfalls.

Do not be afraid to pay the price

In Hong Kong, the salesman seldom discounted, especially the department store brand. But if you want a more attractive price, go to boldly expense to the owner. Experience shows that many tourists can buy yourself items listed at half price. Want cheaper again, choose small roadside kiosks. But such risks would appear much more difficult for you to claim your warranty.

Pay attention to warranty policies

In Hong Kong, about the only items are warranted at this place are not uncommon. This can be considered a particularity of this shopping paradise. So when buying you should pay attention. Also remember to return the warranty card for the distribution to be in exchange for global warranty card for the products you buy.

Conscious when shopping

With any single shop visit, please check the price carefully before buying because of the scams are not uncommon. Many places cheat tourists by offering high prices, many places do not hang like Tsim Sha Tsui price. The best way is to go through a few places the island, pick like the best prices before deciding to buy.

Note for those who love antiques and paintings

Hong Kong is the convergence of so many Chinese antiquities. But if those who really want to buy it, they will be in the famous store or auction center. Fake antiques are also rampant. So when those who buy antiques here should only choose those stores have names, such as Christie’s auction centers. Other antiques shops are concentrated in Wyndham Street or Hollywood Road in Sheung Wan and Central zones. It is also a haven for art items. A lot of painting, sculpture, exquisite pottery was brought here from mainland China or other Asian countries. Every year, there is the famous exhibition like Art Basel, the exhibition walk, Le French May …

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Do not forget to pay the purchase price.

Look for the right place sells fashion

The best way to find great fashion brands as you go to the mall like IFC, Hong Kong Island side Landmark, Times Square in Causeway Bay, Pacific Place in Admiralty and Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui (Island Kowloon). Many big brands like Prada also has outlet stores at Horizon Plaza. Here you may find yourself more discount furniture.

Or if you go to the local fashion brands, you can feel comfortable. Sheung Wan, Wan Chai and Tsim Sha Tsui is the gathering place of such stores. Do not forget to pay the price to buy the cheapest item at this location.

Awake with electronics

Hong Kong of course the electronics paradise. But here also the cost disorders. You can buy the most affordable prices in Mong Kok, Sham Shui Po, or acceptable in the Wan Chai district, Tsim Sha Tsui. The vast majority of stores are very enthusiastic and comfortable but be conscious that many places will sell you solicited second-hand furniture was refinished.Empirically, the Wan Chai area seems safe for buyers. As for those who bought the camera, neighborhood Stanley is the number one choice. But do not buy the camera does not add cost because in many stores, you will find the camera does not hang price sale.

For who love jewelry

In Hong Kong, all kinds of jewelry being sold is listed and the price is also the world’s cheapest category. Tsim Sha Tsui and Mong Kok are the logical choice for you if want to buy jewelry because of the fact, both tourists and natives are buying mainly in two areas. The clock is also on sale is listed, from luxury brands like Rolex to the poison as the clock runs underwater Russian soldiers. Park City Chain is probably the most logical choice, but do not forget to check the price before buying.

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