Australia Limestone Coast – The diversity of natural landscapes

Currently, the company is always interested in travel demand and willingness to meet the expectations of all the guests, to have a comfortable trip, rewarding.

Therefore, the destinations are carefully selected, to put on the list to visit, ensuring guests get to know and enjoy the beautiful scenery in the journey. And with the Australian tour, the Limestone Coast has always been a priority destination for many tours, because it is such a beautiful landscape.

Tourism AustraliaIs considered an Australian tourist forms its mysteries in the journey of discovery, with things lurking in each stone, the road, the garden … the Limestone Coast always exotic attractions to visitors in the world. Like other landscapes in Australia, the Limestone Coast is also blessed with many stunning interwoven together sums as a magnificent painting that no less grandiose. Spent thousands of years created by the limestone sediment layers, each magnificent masterpieces of nature turns exposing hidden beauty and that is the mystery. Long runs from the South Coast Lagoons-door Muray River until the DD ng of the Glenelg River, đy is home to many limestone caves, formed hundreds of tons of submerged under the sea. At the same time, this coast was also one of the best surf beaches in Australia.

An excursion along the coast Limestone Coast, you can visit the Blue Lake in Mount Gambier. Especially when you come here to enjoy the scenery of Lake in November, then the surface will turn from blue to Turquoise is very unique.Limestone Coast have lured guests by Naracoorte caves is ranked as a world heritage site. Here you can see the infrared bat cave. On waterway Lagoons you can travel by ca-canoe along each wave to learn more about the history of the Aboriginal people, the lagoon. You can also dive into the Lake limestone sanctuary Ewens Ponds and the crystal waters of the lagoon, Piccaninnie Siloam in the Beachport beauty, experience the interesting one here. Or you can visit from Kingston to the vacation paradise of Robe, Muray rivers. And of course, if you prefer, you can spend the whole day to go along levees blocking the longest waves in Australia and explore the many caves fossils Naracoorte on the Limestone Coast, more pretty much what the value of this place.

The most unique in the Limestone Coast region may have to remind to the Coorong National Park -exciting destinations when you can drive a look around, fishing, boating. If you prefer, you can join an adventure tour package of the lagoons. It is also the famous wine region of the Castle, was founded in 1891. Today, the Coonawarra is the one jewel in the region’s winemaking Sedum and also considered as producers of red wine Australia’s top senior. After a journey of discovery, you can reward yourself with a drink of the wine of the wine cellar: Wrattonbully, Mount Benson, Padthaway. After all, you want to enjoy the cuisine of the natives? Along with honey, walnuts, lobster, Wagyu beef, … how many specialty and unique delicacies, will certainly not be disappointed about art and taste great cuisine of the place.

Tourism Australia will always contain lots of unexpected both for you. When visiting the Limestone Coast, too, there are many birds make sightseeing itineraries to become attractive to perfection. The convergence of all the beautiful natural landscape, which stretches from the Valley to the mountain forests, beautiful beaches, plus the space a rich local culture, people are very close and friendly … will make anyone wish once returned, if such had ever set foot in this place.

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