The beauty of the largest sand island in the world

Is an unspoilt natural Island, Fraser Island brings many interesting and surprising for those who set foot on the island.

Fraser Island is an island located off the East Coast, along the Queensland, Brisbane, about 200 km north of Australia. The entire island has a length of 123 km, is 15 miles wide, helping it become the world’s largest sand island with an area of about 1840 km2 and is also the largest island of the State of Queensland. In 1992, the island became a world heritage site UNESCO World Heritage site.


Is an unspoilt natural Island, Fraser Island brings many interesting and surprising for those who set foot on the island. Where do people count all birds of the 353 live, a number that is too large with only 337 species across Europe.

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Most of the island is covered by fine white sand dunes exist from 40,000 years ago. This not only helps the island becomes more attractive with stunning but also helped it become the largest natural sand island in the world.


Visit the island, you don’t miss Lake McKenzie, it is 1 in 40 Lakes on Fraser Island. The lake waters are covered by lush forests may cause all you blow right off first.


Lake McKenzie not only has beautiful scenery but also attractive beautiful beaches i v here. The ideal temperature at 20 degrees Celsius is very suitable for tourists spoiled swim here. A special thing is you won’t be eating in the area.


Top Indian Head is a beautiful place to be sweeping the area. Standing on the Summit on the day, you can see herds of fish and sea turtles swimming in the clear waters here.


Here, you can take a scenic drive on the road along the Ocean Beach Highway. With a length of 120 km, it is one of the motorway as well as Australia’s most beautiful runway. A law here that small vehicles must give way to larger vehicles, and allows no more than 80 km/h.


A warning here that you need to know is should not swim in the sea because of the waves and there are sharks. Instead, guests can swim in the saltwater pool and Champagne.


This is the natural pools formed by the sea currents flowing through the slots of the volcanic rocks. The name Champagne comes from the phenomenon of collisions between the rocks and the flow will create the waves forming bubble like champagne.


In addition to Lake McKenzie, Lake Garawongera is also great attractions for you. The Lake’s name means “House of the Dove”, as places of worship the spirit of the Butchulla people.


There is a region called the banning of Fraser Island is located at the rear of the Pinnacles. According to people on the island, the cliffs turn here is formed after Rainbow exploded.


In addition, there is the Maheno wreck, which is one of the famous tourist on Fraser Island. This ship was built and launched Titanic 7 years. At the time, it was one of the fastest ship in the world. Then, the Maheno were used as ambulance ships in World War I before being sold to a Japanese company in the 1930s.


A magnificent sights that should not be overlooked is driving on the road sand Fraser Island Great Walk.This is the only place in the world with which pediatric plants t giant lowland live on the sand.


One more interesting thing is that if in period from July to October, you’ll be spotting boatloads humpback whale folded into herds and migrated.


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