Autumn Romance Kyoto Japan

Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan with natural and gentle man, as more charming than when pulling on the shirt autumn.

In slow motion footage, filmmaker Osamu Hasegawa has portrayed the perfect beauty of autumn.


Kyoto through the famous attractions such as Old Town Gion, Golden Temple, Kiyomizu Temple, Maruyama Park, Pagoda Tenryuji, …

20150916145129--1 Photo: Cut from the clip

20150916145129-kyoto-2 Photo: Cut from the clip

romance , autumn Kyoto , Japanese tourists , Japanese tourists fall Photo: Cut from the clip

20150916145243-kyoto-4 Photo: Cut from the clip

Kyoto in revenue, over the space as fully dyed brilliant colors maple leaf and the bank customers happy. All the way, the phenomenon leaves change from dark green to yellow and then into red nursery will give you a sense of peace mixed with excitement. This is the most appropriate moment for the tourists love photography can capture beautiful moments and truest of autumn in Japan.

20150916145243-kyoto-6 Photo: Cut from the clip

20150916145320-kyoto-7 Photo: Cut from the clip

20150916145320-kyoto-8 Photo: Cut from the clip

Along admire stunning clip them!

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