Barcelona – beautiful city of Spain

Among the European tour bargains now, journey have visited the beautiful city of Barcelona Spain. Nothing to be surprised by Barcelona was once the head of a list of 10 most beautiful and livable cities in the world; due to the European people voted. Coming to Barcelona, you’ll not only discover new things in culture, society, admire the masterpieces of art and natural beauty, but also be immersed in a dynamic atmosphere, busy half-featured, generous soul so people here.

Europe SpainBarcelona began to emerge as a European tourist attractions, worthwhile to visit came from 1987, when the city was selected as host of the Olympics in 1992. Own an endless list with exciting attractions and famous, Barcelona will bestow you a great trip and fall, where you can explore the power agreement and from this other amazing surprises.Some of the typical sights and Barcelona’s most famous are: the Cathedral Sagrada Familia with the Gothic style, theCamp Nou stadium of the national teams of Spain, world famous Parc Guell, vibrant walking Street La Rambla, the Moss from the 14th century- Barri Gotic… in particular , one of the pleasure when Barcelona it is bathing and enjoying the delicious fresh seafood meal wonderful. With stretches of coastline covered with white sand and warm sun irradiation throughout the year, Barcelona is the rare havens of Europe is frozen. In addition to Barcelona, you have to experience the atmosphere of the music and its Flamenco dance characteristic of the inhabitants of this place; just as immersed in the atmosphere of busy half life in the taverns, pubs are present everywhere in the street, and don’t forget to enjoy the kind of wine Sangria characterized Spain with very high alcohol content, as a challenge for you.

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