The most beautiful lake Asian hearts

Even nature is also “reminded” us that love is always there. It is the image of the heart is natural tectonic around the world.In natural lakes that shape a complete heart.

Mother Nature was generous tectonic lakes in the shape of a love heart and the Asian continent is no exception.

1-1458204787 Bettertraveltips.comEros in Chambra Lake, India – Photo: wptim8a-1458199645 Bettertraveltips.comIn India, you go to the mountain peak in Wayanad Chembra Hill, adjacent to the town in the state of Kerala Meppady in Kalpetta.This is an ideal destination of the journey to explore the experience of hiking in southern India by the local tourist establishments undertook.At an altitude of 1.398m, halfway up the long steep path leading to the top of the lake Chembra Eros, one of the places to stop all travelers in the journey.According to local people, so many tourists this time to Meppady just to get firsthand look at the lake Hridaya Saras (local name of Eros lake) has a heart though pretty winding road and it takes about 2 hours away from the observatory to the lake area.From retractable lens cover image fog along the top Chembra fields undulating green tea on the surrounding hills.Shape icon Eros love is a natural lake is created completely.Very hot water in the tank.The waterfront lawn is renovated into a small golf course, a holiday home and a barn with centenarians old world capital for the British plantation owners still many traces saved.From September to February is the ideal time to get to the lake Eros.

Eros in Chambra Lake, India – Photo: CloudFronttim1c-1458199803 Bettertraveltips.comShimshal glacial lake in Hunza Valley, Pakistan – Photo: wpIndia’s neighbor Pakistan is no less competitive as glacial lake propertyShimshal beautiful Hunza Valley of Gilgit-Baltistan mountainous far north of the country.Lake formed by the tectonic thousands of years and became a romantic touches of nature as the blue waters of the lake is surrounded by the perfect shape of a love heart.Shimshal glacial lake is also recognized as one of the most beautiful heart shaped lake in the world.tim3b-1458199884 Bettertraveltips.comLake Shangrila Pakistan – Photo: wp

If you have difficulty accessing Shimshal glacial lake, Pakistan’s tourism industry will “temple” for Lower Lake Kachura your heart surrounded with high mountains, also known as Lake Shangrila Resort Hotel Shangrila resort built close to the lake .Shangrila in Tibetan as “paradise on earth”.This is a popular tourist destination in the central Karakoram National Park, the town of Skardu in Gilgit-Baltistan is about 20 minutes by car.Here, in addition to watching the clock, you can dine in a unique restaurant is set on the … body a plane crashed nearby in 1920.tim3-1458199980 Bettertraveltips.comHo Rih in Myanmar – Photo: Panoramiotim3a-1458200010 Bettertraveltips.comAdjacent residential communities Rih lake in Myanmar – Photo: flickr
Rih is a natural lake in the shape of a heart Rihkhawdar village, Falam town located near the border of India and Myanmar.This is the largest lake in Chin State and is one of the most beautiful lake Myanmar, and is considered the center of the picturesque scenery here.Ho longer than 1.6km, 800m wide and 18m depth.Rih lake full of water all year round and never exhausted.Unique looks of the lake located in the waters turn red in the second week of December every year and lasts from one to two months until the end of the cold season.Ho Rih has an important place in the spiritual life of the local population.According to legend, it was a paradise corridor called Pialral that all souls must pass.Therefore, local people often come to pray Rih lake, including some people from India to.Previously, the tourism sector does not exist in Chin state security reasons.Currently, Rih lake is attracting the attention of many visitors to discover new things, so some travel companies started to pay attention to the journey to explore the heart of the natural love Myanmar after the government the green light.Now you can through the travel agency in Yangon to Mandalay or book a guided trip to the lake Rih.There, you can take a boat on the lake, enjoying the animals caught from the lake at a local restaurant and told anecdotes about the mysteries associated with the lake …Heart Lake ,natural tectonic, love heart ,the strange landSIIT lake in the Philippines – Photo: bestspotsph
SIIT natural lakes in areas densely populated Sulu under the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao is one of the lake attracts the most visitors to the area south of the Philippines.Heart love shape of the lake is often compared with the Greek goddess Aphrodite symbol of love and beauty.Lake also has other names such as Seit, Sait or strangle.tim2-1458200206 Bettertraveltips.comCrater Lake Narli Gol – Photo: wpIf to Turkey, you can find
Narli Gol crater lake from Aksaray, Cappadocia approximately 36km to the southeast.Lake formed by a volcanic eruption and created nature is heart-shaped.Narli Gol lake attract tourists not only because of the romantic image, but also by the pharmaceutical properties of arthritis or skin diseases from the water in the lake.Currently many hotel hot spring therapy is built around the lake.tim2c-1458200275 Bettertraveltips.comHo Buyuk in Turkey – Photo: allwomenstalk
Buyuk, one of the seven lakes in the national park in the north Yedigoller Bolu province, the heart-shaped lake in Turkey Monday.Unlike Narli Gol Lake volcanic origin, Buyuk lake formed from landslides and coniferous forest cover.Due Bolu province near the city of Istanbul to convenient transportation, and parks Yedigoller with diverse landscapes, seasonal kaleidoscope with abundant recreational activities, so this is one of the places travelers want to admire the heart love natural look to …
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