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The best destinations for winter holiday in Europe

Page Guardian (UK) has released a list of 10 destinations and the best performing in Europe in winter voted by readers.

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Skating in Zurich: The best way to see the city’s biggest Swiss is from atop Mount Uetliberg. From here, visitors will get a panoramic view of the city with lakes, the countryside and the mountains in the distance. Especially magical landscape in winter with white snow and toboggan. You can take the train from Zurich main station to the summit, then rent a sled and slide down. Photo: Alamy.2-bettertraveltips-comCuisine in Tallin: City with a 5,000-year-old Republic of Estonia always attract visitors by the delicious dishes such as reindeer, fish and many delicious fruits. Photo: Alamy.3-bettertraveltips-comAttending the festival of chocolate Tubingen Germany: In 6 days in late November and early December, the town of Tübingen chocolate festival. Many firms chocolate from all over Europe will gather here. This is an ideal opportunity to soak up the atmosphere of winter this beautiful town. You can wander through the stalls or sightseeing around town with a warm cup of chocolate on hand. Photo: Paula Gibson.4-bettertraveltips-comVisit the Christmas markets in Aachen, Germany: Every year, on the occasion of winter, Christmas markets in Aachen, Germany is open to selling food and consumer items. This is the biggest market, held for weeks and attracts millions of tourists to visit. Photo: Alamy.5-bettertraveltips-comAlte Pinakothek Museum: This is one of the art galleries the world’s oldest, kept hundreds of paintings century Europe from 14-18 of the most talented artists such as Rembrandt and Rubens. Photo: Alamy.6-bettertraveltips-comGhent, Belgium: Ghent owns the ancient structure, interwoven with the excitement of modern life makes visitors feel extremely excited. Ghent has many places to explore, such as Counts castle, tower of St Bavo Cathedral Belfry or. Cuisine here is very special. You can enjoy the famous Belgian beers, try the chocolate and tasting the delicious dishes featured bold flavors of Belgium. Photo: Piet de Kersgieter.7-bettertraveltips-comOslo, Norway: Oslo is the oldest city in Scandinavia, founded in the early 11th century and is the official capital of Norway Oslo 8. century is being hailed as “the city of conservator museum “with more than 100 museums. An Oslo Pass card helps travelers can visit more than 30 museums, including the Munch Museum – which showcases the work of the most famous painter Edvard Munch Norway, Vigeland Park – showcasing the work by sculptor Gustav Vigeland famous. Photo: Alamy.8-bettertraveltips-com

Vienna, Austria: Referring to the capital of Austria is referred to castles, museums, architectural treasures gorgeous, attractive cafe’s name along with Austria-Hungary Empress Sissi or of the musical genius Mozart … the most popular tourist attraction at Vienna’s Schönbrunn palace – the pride of Austria, was put on the list of UNESCO world Heritage Site since 1996. Photo: Alamy.9-bettertraveltips-comVisit the Christmas Fair in Krakow, Poland: Krakow is the cultural capital, the largest city and the country’s oldest Polish history has lasted throughout the Middle Ages. This is also one of the biggest tourist centers of Europe, possesses many historical buildings such as the old church, the monuments, the medieval market place … has attracted millions of visitors from all over over the world visit each year. Photo: Alamy.


Bergen, Norway: Bergen was the capital of Norway from 12-13 century, is the second largest city in Norway after Oslo. This is a great city for visitors by air very fresh with the majestic bay area. Attractions attract visitors is the Church of Saint Mary, ancient fortress Bergenhus Rosenkranz tower. Photo: Getty.

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