Bohuslan, tourist paradise islands of Sweden

Ingrid Bergman or the rock carvings from the Bronze Age are the reasons for Bohuslän become worshipers paradise of travel around the island.

After going through the summer and preparing for the winter cold, almost everyone will look to the south to enjoy the warm weather. But in Sweden, the tourists once wanted to go to the west to start a trip around the island more.
Bohuslän is an archipelago with more than 8,000 islets, located very near Gothenburg – the second largest city of Sweden. The islands are known for abundant marine resources, give the restaurant nực of Sweden. Gothenburg typical island with only about 500,000 of the population, but is home to the sequence of six Michelin-starred restaurant.

Fresh seafood is partly made of fine quality cuisine in Bohuslän.

The first stop should be the Marstrand, an island about 45 minutes from Gothenburg drive. in advance, this is where the entertainment reserved for royalty and nobility, but now this place is open for everyone. therefore, while in Marstrand, tourists can often encounter the members of the Swedish royal family is fun.

The only way to reach the island is by ferry Marstrand through an icy strait and blue. This very short distance and only takes about 15 minutes. While most sights are located along the coast facing the mainland, the rest of Marstrand very quiet and still retain their wild character. For those who love to discover and quietness, this is a heavenly choice for camping, sunbathing delight laze in the sun, enjoy fresh food in some restaurants.
One of these addresses is the most prominent eating pastry shop which serves dishes Fika – traditional drink in the country. But if you are not familiar with the taste that they can try a cup of coffee with fragrant cinnamon sweet bread and greasy. Surely this will satisfy even the most discerning guest.
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Sophisticated sculptures outside Strandverket art museum in Marstrand facing inland.

In the west the island has a gallery named Strandverket. Here one has ever held an exhibition on the life and love of Ingrid Bergman – the world famous actor Swedes.
“I’ve met her once. During his lifetime, she has a lot of vacation time in the island near Dannholmen. This has inspired me to build up these works. “- Hasse Persson, artistic director of Strandverket extremely proud to introduce the exhibition of his impressions.

After coming home Strandverket display, visitors should climb Carksten castle fortress. This work is designed to protect the newly formed Bohuslän. Nowadays, it is both a monument to both a hotel stock. From here, visitors can view Martrand island with impressive views.
The next stop in your trip around the island to the north is the village named Fjallbacka. Like the village along the west coast of Sweden others, Fjallbacka have traditional herring fishing since ancient times. Every year, when the herring to bring tremendous resources in the same way, but when they go, the village was left with poverty and drear.
Main Fjallbacka vicissitudes of history have helped Camilla Lackberg, who is such as Agatha Christie Sweden. The character build up the characters and excellent script for the novel crime of his bestseller. International tourists often come here to visit the fishing huts along centuries-old water park.
Coast known by rich fisheries stocks fantastic quality, from milk oysters and mussels to lobsters and crabs.

Read introduce archipelago Bohuslän
Bohuslän of Sweden, the archipelago consists of more than 8,000 small islands, with an area of ​​4400 km2 and a population of 287 223 people (2009).
Bohuslän archipelago is like a chain of pearls of the Swedish west coast, each one village charm here carries its own characteristics and can not be mixed.
British Airways has regular flights from London Heathrow to Gothenburg with prices ranging from 43 pounds (nearly 1.5 million).From the airport , passengers can use rental cars at reasonable prices.
In Sjobob Everts, can rent bedrooms on board with 100 pounds per night.

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