British journalist introduce Thailand travel tips

Massage at Wat Pho temple, watching a play Khon unique, diverse cuisine or looking to remote areas, especially the wild visitors “must try” while in Thailand.

Living in Thailand for about 20 years, Paul Gray was writing for pages famous Tour Roughguides. Here are the travel experience that Paul would recommend for you to read.

Try traditional massage in Bangkok

A popular place with this kind of tradition massage in Bangkok Buddhist temple Wat Pho. The skilled artisan will massage always happy to serve guests. Each turn massage lasts about 2 hours including the time standing in line waiting.

Paul Gray , Thailand travel tips , travel to Thailand , ThailandA corner Wat Pho temple.

See Khon drama performances

If you see a concert Khon – traditional forms of Thai script, sit down and himself felt.Enchanting music, gaudy costumes and many feature beautiful, delicate tone of dramatic arts Thailand’s highest peak are very special.


The boat is an important part of life on the island in Thailand. You can not go to the small island without going vehicles, such as discovery experience around Ko Tao. Go to Ko Nang Yuan island groups, travelers also can not get the best views when not try sailing.

Educate yourself and join a dangerous carnival

Try engaging in Yasothon’s Rocket Festival to experience the madness and all the binge. You can also soak up the vibrant colors of the costumes in the parade at the Phi Ta Khon, Dan Sai.

Culinary Experience

Your appetite can always find in Thailand, where very diverse with dishes like Fried catfish salad served with mango, curry beef and mango sticky rice in coconut milk … It has many dishes delicious that you will not know where to start.

20160114102727--2 Bettertraveltips.comThailand has plenty of fruit, fresh seafood sold in the streets.

Buy a memorable souvenir

Amid a series of exquisite handicrafts, select celadon jade exquisite fit just elegant. Chiang Mai is one of the most famous places like shopping for souvenirs. This place is like a paradise of items special crafts.

Explore the most remote provinces of Thailand

Go to Mae Hong Son province visitors will be looking at the natural landscape’s most beautiful highland. Let’s rent a motorbike or jeep ride to experience the wildest mountains of Thailand, however, you should remember to return watches Pai peaceful town.

Take the road from Chiang Khan to Nong Khai

You will get to know the strength of the Mekong River from Chiang Khan drove to Nong Khai.Water flows through Chiang Khan Mekong very warlike, only a few small towns grow vegetables is on the way. Sang Khom peaceful town of Pak Chom way 60 km east of the beautiful destination for visitors to explore and admire the small country.

Moderate drinking panoramic

It is difficult to choose the most beautiful scenes in Thailand, however, according to Paul, Sky Bar in Bangkok is an ideal place for tourists to look at the city with the widest angle. Some other beautiful places like Doi Tung Doi Chang Mood in orchards, or the limestone watchtower in Phang Nga Bay.

20160114102727--3 Bettertraveltips.comEnjoy drinks at the Sky Bar and the panoramic view of Bangkok.

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