Capital Tokyo Japan – fantastic imagery of the country Sunrise

Referring to the Japanese tour, apparently in the minds of people are showing up in crowded Tokyo, but carries little sediment deposition and very soul of the country Meet Tang.

Have asked why the Mall is the serenity, perhaps it is also not so detailed explanation for what by this very special city.


Is one of the attractions of Japan attracted a crowd of visitors in the world, Tokyo is also the destination of so many international flights go to the four directions. Not only to give you the look fondly, the Flash is full of memories, those nice impressive hard fade, Tokyo also how many hidden things which you are not from the compensation upon return. Located in the East of the main island of Honshu, Tokyo is one of the city’s development of Japan, and is one of the world’s most populated city if in terms of residential density. Not only that, along withLondon and New York of the United States, Tokyo is one such as one of the three based on the economic development of the world. Residential density and its importance, perhaps anyone portion images Tokyo has a lot to say to much story to tell whether history or current and, of course, there are many unique attractions to visitors enjoy exploring.

Capital Tokyo Japan - fantastic imagery of the country Sunrise

First of all, the point through a bit of typical features in central Tokyo. To explore the area, you can visit Tsukiji fish market -why is the fish market between a modern city and a developer? In Japan, companies are sources of food are extremely fresh and plentiful, that should exist in the heart of Tokyo, a bustling fish market, perhaps none as troublesome by the features it brings. The second destination of extreme attractions after the Tsukiji fish market is the Akihabara Electronics Mall with numerous shops and found e-điệnt rich. In addition to 2 points to this distinction, the amazing landscape of Tokyo attractions not to be missed is the Koishikawa Korakuen gardens have many years,Hama Rikyu is next to Tokyo Bay, The Imperial Palace East Gardens -the gardens East of the Imperial Palace. Besides being the featured attractions such as the Imperial Palace, high-end shopping district Ginza, Yasukuni Shrine, the Tokyo Dome City, island of Tsukishima, Yurakucho cuisine and shopping is the year of the Tokyo station, city of Kanda, Japanese bridge in Nihonbashi and the Marunouchi business district .

Western Tokyo also has quite a lot of interesting tourist attractions such as Shibuya -recreational center of culinary excitement and youthful of Tokyo, Shinjuku has the Shinjuku Station the busiest in the world, the area of Harajuku, Meiji Shrine, Shinjuku Gyoen Park, Yoyogi Park. Other destinations not least draws including as Nakano Broadway, shopping and gastronomy Kagurazaka, The Tokyo Metropolitan Government building -high twin towers 243m in Shinjuku, Yebisu Garden Palace and NHK Studio Park .

Compared to the downtown area and West of Tokyo, the area north of Tokyo also has distinct characteristics with the beautiful scenery, the neighborhood crowded not to lose anything Western or central Tokyo. In the area north of Tokyo, one of the first to mention the place is Tokyo Skytree above 600 m with unique architecture. The next famous attractions must be the old Asakusa, the old Yanaka is very peaceful, Sensoji Temple, always bustling people visited, the Edo-Tokyo Museum, the busiest and Ryogoku Sumo world focus the stadium gathering tens of thousands of spectators to view unique wrestling disciplines of this cherry blossoms of the country. If, as in the Western and central Tokyo with famous gardens, North of Tokyo, too. The beautiful gardens and the large park here including such Garden Rikugien, Ueno Park, Botanical Garden, etc. In addition, other attractions also impressed for the sightseeing cruise of Tokyo’s Sumida Aquarium Aquarium complex, Tokyo Solamachi Ameyoko shopping street, crowded, Ikebukuro shoppingtied to ga Ikebukuro on busy nights, Kappabashi Street -famous shopping streets with shops offering kitchen-extremely rich diversity , and the Sugamo shopping especially for elderly clients.

In search of cherry blossoms, if given the opportunity to tour the area south of Tokyo, be sure you’ll get a chance to see the modern architecture tradition of this country. The most prominent include the Odaiba area lies on Tokyo Bay. Is rated as one of the thriving area of travel after the year 1990, the range of the hotel restaurant, shopping and entertainment are expanding investment in infrastructure that surface and coated. As a result, Odaiba has become typical destination that quite a lot of travelers looking to enjoy when the opportunity came to Tokyo. Not least the works in Odaibai, complex, Roppongi Hills, Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi, Akasaka Sacas, Shiodome, Shinagawa and Toyosunear Odaiba is also easy to follow Charm guests by the modern elements from architecture, streets, landscape and cultural and living space characteristic of Japanese residents living here size cartridge. These features make the beauty of the area south of Tokyo, also many other typical thing and indispensably also Tokyo Tower -Tokyo Tower is higher than 300 m, the symbol of the city or the classic garden Kyu Shiba Rikyu very romantic, the Temple of Zojoji , Tokyo Tower is next to the quietly, Sengakuji Temple, sacred little ,…

One of the other characteristic elements in beauty full of symbols of Tokyo is the peripheral landscape. Not less important compared to other attractions in the heart of Tokyo or the Western, southern, Northern, destinations are located in the outskirts of Tokyo has a separate value that if the lack of it, maybe Tokyo will offset a significant attraction to visitors. This important attractions no other is Tokyo DisneySea, Tokyo Disneyland, Ghibli Museum, Mount Takao, Mount Mitake, Kiyosumi-Garden, the Museum of the Edo-Tokyo open architecture, Todoroki Valley, Kasai Rinkai Park, Ikspiari Shopping Mall and business district Makuhari lies on Tokyo Bay. The mix between natural landscape from soothing to the spectacular, between the traditional allegorical elements of Japanese people and the more modern city where architectural monuments, … did that make up the harmony very particularly around Tokyo as an impressive border line, about one of the leading cities of Asia and the world.

Tokyo is, always making the cruise tourism visitors add meaning and bring people to look full of admiration. During the boom, the Tokyo and Japan generally does not take away the classic value and distinctive style. It has contributed in the form of a Tokyo Asia’s most beautiful and typical of the world which do not have the same location instead.

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