Cars hotel between New York street

For 22 USD you can rent a “bedroom” four wheels and enjoy the scenery at night on the streets of the US capital.

In New York, one night hotel stay can be up to hundreds of dollars, but also where you only have to pay 22 USD. That is the price of one night in a van (a small truck) parked at the beautiful locations of the city.


According to the New York Daily News, Jonathan, an American resident, use the services of companies Airbnb to rent his fleet to 50 units, including taxis to provide sleeping space for adventurous travelers.

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22 USD Bedrooms encapsulated in a van.

On vehicles without toilet and bath seats should Jonathan often parked near a public toilet, gym, gyms or other gathering points. Customers can not drive themselves, “the room” during hired her away. However, outside the bedrooms, the car also comes with some extra utilities such as a stove.

One tourist tried 22 USD rooms share price: “This is a special experience, feeling like being out but actually you’re parking in that the way Times Square is only 10 minutes. The scene very beautiful, Jonathan sleeping arrangement comfortable and convenient as possible. “

Another idea, said: “Not everyone with this type of accommodation because you will not need any electricity or water directly. Also you probably can not withstand the price and parking”.

Car rental as an accommodation for the visitors was reckless latest Airbnd service. Former New York residents who want to rent through Airbnb has encountered trouble. US law prohibits people renting their home (including cars) with duration less than 30 days, very rare cases be acceptable.

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