Charming beauty of Eastern European autumn

Guests have the opportunity to experience the charm of Eastern Europe, enjoy the symphony of romantic blue Danube, admire the ancient architecture …

4 Eastern European tours itineraries Hungary – Austria – Czech Republic – Germany 11 days will take visitors to the city prestigious Budapest (Hungary), Vienna (Austria), Prague (Czech) and Dresden, Berlin (Germany).


Budapest, visitors can admire the beauty Andrássy Avenue Champs-Elysées brought the appearance of “the city of light” Paris with upscale shops, numerous cafes and restaurants – where writers of Hungary meeting. Budapest was incorporated by Buda and Pest are two cities on either side of the Danube – the famous river in the historical flow of world music. Danube flows through eight European countries, but particularly beautiful and romantic in the track circling Budapest.

Fall Eastern Europe,Eastern Europe,Symphony Danube

Danube that runs through the capital, Budapest, Hungary.

Located on the peaceful Danube Vienna – home of the genius composer Schubert and Strauss Johans. In the capital of Austria, tourists visiting the old town, admire the beauty of the ancient Baroque architecture in Seagrotto – now the museum of Vienna synthesis. Continue to visit Schonbrunn Palace, guests will certainly admire the splendor of one of the most beautiful palaces in Europe, by Johann Bernhard Fischer architect Von Erlach famous building. This is one of the most important edifices of culture in Austria with the collection of precious treasures.


Prague is the city does not seem to sleep. At night, guests consecutive footsteps stride on the road are paved stone intact medieval appearance, and Charles Bridge – also uproarious love bridge day and night. From Baroque architecture bridge with about 30 statues of saints and kings, visitors can take a view dropping the Royal Palace, St. Vitus Cathedral, feel like you are walking on the road sides are sacred saint pensive look Vltava river history. Next, the old town is not only attractive places, but also the ideal place for those faithful love shopping.


Prague, Czech Republic.

Eastern Germany to tourists visiting the city of Dresden, attracted by the natural beauty of the poetic and unique architecture gentle river Elbe.Meanwhile, the visit to Berlin would bring many interested visitors the opportunity to explore the boulevard Unter den Linden oak romantic, Brandenburg gate Remnants of ups and downs in the history of Berlin, especially the Any remaining divided city walls. Or visitors can take a glance at Potsdam – located southwest of Berlin – famous because it was the residence of the Prussian kings from 1918, is a city of many castles and gardens and palace Sanssouci is such as the Versailles of Germany magic …

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