City super hero in Turkey

Go Turkey, travelers have the opportunity to visit the city and river named Batman, but the people here do not have any concept of the legendary Batman guy.

For cinema lovers, Batman always remind them to think Batman, a billionaire rich and always bring peace to Gotham City.


But if to Turkey Think States and mentions from Batman, it means that you’re talking about the name of a river, a province, a city or a measurement unit of this country.


The city is a sea-540M, almost no forests in and around the city. Photo: CNtraveler.

Therefore, many tourists are amazed to learn that the city of Batman totally real, and it was the capital of Batman province, Anatolia region of southeast Turkey. The city is situated on the plateau near the confluence of the Tigris River and Batman. Initially, it is only a small village called Iluh with a population of about 3,000 people. In 1940, thanks to the discovery of oil and the eternal round, rapid development Iluh and explode in the next few decades. In 1957 the village was officially renamed as Batman.

Batman river formerly called Kalat, which means “bride” in Syriac, then it was translated into Greek as Nymphius until the 18th century In the 19th century, the name was changed to the current river, many argue that it originated from Bati Raman (ie west Bati, Raman also means joy in the voice of the Kurds). In addition, Raman also can be understood as variations of the word Rahman – a god.

In the Ottoman Empire, Batman is the name of a volume measurement units. Value of 1 Batman significantly different between regions and at separate times.


Soil here consists mainly of clay, soft and porous and unstable terrain, easily eroded, floods. Photo: amusing.

In 2008, the city of Batman cause ink consuming media when the mayor announced that he would sue Warner Bros. and Christpher Nolan, the director of the film The Dark Knight, for using city names without consulting before. “There is only one Batman in the world, the American producers used the name of the city that does not get us to agree,” the mayor then told the media.

However, the lawsuit never left him for real Batman to worry, because the first comic book about Batman was published in 1939, before the village for more than 2 decades rename.

Batman,Batman,Ben Affleck,Christopher Nolan,Batman City,Batman Province,Batman RiverTurkey

The city has a Mediterranean climate, hot summers, cold winters and humid. Photo:amusing.

Apart from oil, the city also produces other products such as beverage, food processing, chemicals, furniture, footwear, machinery and transport equipment. In 2007, it built a university and it is located in the student exchange program Erasmus abroad.

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