The gloomy winter has gone by and replaced by bright spring and sunshiny summer. And certainly, nothing is more wonderful if you travel to destinations full of colorful flowers in airy space. Below is the list of the world’s best flower attractions that you can refer before deciding where to travel in 2014!

Cherry blossom in Tokyo (Japan)

One of the spring symbols of Japan is the endless pink color of cherry blossoms. Started from mid-March to mid-April, cherry blossoms bloom on streets, at temples as well as in parks in Japan. Cherry blossom starts blooming from the southern Okinawa and gradually spreading to the North. Cherry blossom colors are also very diversified ranging from ivory-white to pinkish color. Two wonderful spots to contemplate cherry blossom in Tokyo are Ueno Park and Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden with approximately 1,500 cherry blossom trees. The most wonderful way to contemplate beauty of cherry blossom season is to picnic and camp under a blooming cherry blossom tree. This is also a long-lasting habit and has become part of tradition of local people.

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Cherry blossom in Washington D.C (the United States)

Every year, in the period of time from the end of March to the beginning of April, cherry blossom is blooming and signalizing the coming of spring in Washington D.C. Surrounding Tidal Basin located at the center of the Capital, there are a lot of cherry blossom trees beside famous attractions. At present, there are about 3,750 cherry blossom trees of 17 different species planted surrounding Tidal Basin, Potomac riverside and surrounding Washington Monument. Cherry blossoms are blooming on streets, in parks, silhouetted on water surface, against the blue sky and in affable expression together with other flowers. Every year, the cherry blossom festival attracts millions of visitors coming from all over the world to Washington D.C to contemplate cherry blossoms. The festival lasts for 2 weeks with street festivities, bicycle racing around Tidal Basin, Japanese gastronomy, kimono performance,…

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Tulips in Lisse (the Netherlands)

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Lisse is a town and municipality in the western Netherlands where endless colorful tulip fields constitute extremely beautiful picture that everyone must be full of admiration. Tulip season starts from mid-April until May. In this period of time, many festivals are held nationwide in the Netherlands. Various kinds of tulips with violet, pink, red, yellow colors bloom as colorful flowery streams. The best way to contemplate tulip fields is to view the panorama from a helicopter. However, you can walk or ride a bicycle to enjoy the beautiful landscape and glamorous aroma of such exquisite flowers.

Tulips in Ottawa Capital (Canada)


As spring comes, Ottawa capital is jubilant to welcome splendid tulip festival. This event has become an annual festival in spring and is one of the best interested cultural events in Canada. The festival takes place on the first two weeks of May, attracting millions of visitors coming from North America, Europe and Asia each year. The tulip festival takes place at two main places namely Commissioners Park located near Dow’s Lake – Major’s Hill Park. In spring, millions of tulips of 50 different species are planted at gardens along paths in Major’s Hill Park. In addition, there are also cultural activities performed on the international friendship stage, gastronomic festivities of different countries.

Narcissus in Cotswolds (the United Kingdom)

Traveling to Cotswolds, the United Kingdom in the period of time from mid-April to the beginning of May, you will have opportunity to contemplate purity, gentleness and thinness of yellow narcissus rows, especially narcissus road in Leadon valley is chosen as the place to organize flower festival set aside for such simple but elegant flower. In the small village of Dymock with population estimated about 300 people, you can wallow in the flow of people with hundreds of people promenading on the narcissus road to either relax or contemplate the surrounding landscapes. Narcissus is also regarded as the symbol of Wales, signalizing the coming of spring in the Foggy Albion.

Wisteria in Ashikaga (Japan)

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May is the season of wisteria or also called fuji flower blooming with violet wisteria streams featuring gentle, tranquil and romantic beauty. In order to contemplate the colorful beauty of wisteria, you should travel to Ashikaga Flower Park which is very attractive to many visitors. This park on an area of approximately 8.2 hectares has 3 big wisteria trellises over 1000 m2, added with one trellis of rarely found double Japanese wisteria. In addition, this park also has a fuji tree over 100 years old, whose branches spread and look like a big umbrella with fuji flowers on all branches and tunnel 80m long constituted by beautiful white fuji flowers.

Lavender in Provence (France)


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The peaceful Provence is regarded as the capital of lavender which symbolizes for what considered to be most quintessential, natural and fresh in France. Traveling to Provence in July, you will be full of admiration of violet color of lavender fields as far as the eyes can see and attracted by lavender aroma. Also because of comfortable aroma, lavender is used to extract essential oil to produce perfume, and prepare it with other essential oils. Comfortable aroma of lavender may be remained for several months as unforgettable reminiscence of the peaceful Provence.

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