Country serene windmills in Holland

In the north of the Netherlands have a conservation village of ancient plants using windmills, located in the peaceful river town of Zaandam.

Zaanse Schans is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Netherlands, about 18 km from the capital Amsterdam.


Moving to Netherlands

From Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, you can buy tickets of the airline Etihad Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Aeroflot … to fly to Amsterdam from 835 euro price (about 20 million).

Guests landing at Amsterdam airport to city Schipho then by taxi or tram. Distance from the airport to the center of Amsterdam is 18 km.

Land of windmills , peaceful , Netherlands , town Zaandam
Ancient windmill village Zaanse Schans.

Scroll to Zaanse Schans

Central train station and bus station is, of Amsterdam tram. Travelers should choose bus to Zaanse Schans for convenient and cheap.

From the central station you can take bus 391. Approximately 30 minutes will be a trip to the village of windmills for 3.5 euros. Travel time is approximately 40 minutes. Trip down the bus terminus you to always Zaanse Schans village entrance.

Or you can take the train to Koog Zaamdijk station then leisurely walk about 1.6 km to the village of Zaanse Schans.

The village windmill

Entering the village, you will glimpse the windmills in the distance. Currently, the village has a total of 13 windmills, which are 6 ancient windmills along the river Zaan. On average 16 seconds, windmill will turn off a round but when winds just 10 seconds. Some windmills here more than 300 years-old.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, with thousands of windmills along the dike support of the Dutch economy by providing energy for the sawmill, dyes, oils … By the 20th century, wallpaper industrial development toward modernization, the plant used windmills disappearing.

In 1961, the Dutch began reconstruction of traditional architecture such as the blue wooden house with white window frames, some plants using windmills with different sizes in the village of Zaanse Schans.

A wooden shoes meticulously crafted.

When the riverside and discover Zaan windmills you will be visiting the area selling traditional wooden clogs Netherlands. Guests can buy a small pair in the palm to stick to refrigerators or key chain for around 2-3 euros, larger double for display in a glass case 5-6 euros.

Clog is a kind of clogs are made partly or wholly of wood. Perhaps only in the Netherlands, a new wooden clogs played an important role in the spiritual life to the world. According to the old story telling, poor Dutch farmers that have large wooden carved pieces made in clogs, with nose perked up as the boat.

Some argue that because the former Dutch topography is lower than sea level so this area is always wet. Instead of leather shoes as the people of other European countries, the Dutch use wooden clogs. They look like small boats.

Dutch wooden clogs also known as Klomp. Basic color of paint on the shoe prints usually red to simulate leather shoes. Wood was chosen to play a positive clogs usually purple, willow or ash … Today, despite the footwear industry in the Netherlands has developed, but many farmers and fishermen remain habits wooden clogs.

Cheese in store Catherina De Hoeve.

In addition to the windmills and wooden clogs, attractions of Zaanse Schans is cheese shop “Catherina De Hoeve”. Visitors will hear about how hundreds of different cheeses. Shop also sells chocolate, waffles, sheepskin … and many different souvenirs.

If visiting the museum open to the life of the Netherlands, you go to see the show make wooden shoes inside the store. These show an hour apart, are usually free for visitors. You will see how to make these shoes How interesting.

In addition, visitors also do not miss the experience souvenir photograph with the shoes in parks, gardens and tourist resorts. This is a “bookmark” interesting remind you of memories while in the Netherlands.

Weather Netherlands

It has a temperate oceanic climate, the average temperature of 10-25 degrees C. The winter is not too cold, beginning near the end of December to February, rarely dropping below 0 degrees C and less snow. Spring from late March to June, the summer from June to September last, it was not too hot. Autumn from late September near to mid-May 12. With the pleasant and mild throughout the year, tourists visiting this country does not seem to encounter many obstacles related to weather.


– Not many restaurants in the village of Zaanse Schans should visit here all day, tourists remember to bring food.

– The price of souvenirs and cheese at higher Zaanse Schans village outside.

– In Amsterdam, in the shops usually occurs pickpockets so travelers should pay attention to personal belongings.

– The Netherlands is a member of Schengen, if visitors are not required to have a visa Schengen visa to travel Netherlands here.

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