Destination lovers Islamic culture in Singapore

Kampong Glam, Little India or Lau Pa Sat food market is the ideal destination for tourists favorite Muslim culture can explore in Singapore .

Kampong Glam 1.

Kampong Glam is a popular area and quaint in Singapore, is named after the tree has been planted in Glam area of ​​Kampong Glam furthermore also served as an important historic site of the Royal Malay Singapore.

Sultan Mosque in Kampong Glam. Photo:

1822, land in Kampong Glam was officially allocated to the Malays and the Muslims, but also a place where the settlement of a small group of Arab merchants very successful. To explore Kampong Glam, tourists go up and down subway Bugis MRT station. Kampong Glam area just Bugis MRT station and the bustling shopping venues, bustling like Bugis Junction and Bugis street market a few steps away.

Guests will easily notice the Islamic architecture on the streets here. Photo:

Walking around the main streets here, you’ll find stalls selling thick carpets, textiles and basket and crafts. Here there are fashion designers shops, stores like White Room or the Straits Records that sells used CDs and audio CDs Singapore. Along Bussorah Mall visitors will be attracted by all kinds of colorful costumes, household items at the shop varies cum housing.

The stalls that sells vegetarian food in Ramadan in front of the mosque in Kampong Glam.Photo:

Especially, if you come Kampong Glam in fasting month of Ramadan, then you will enjoy plenty of delicious food here and be themselves in an extremely festive atmosphere unique.

2.   Little India

Little India (Little India) is one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in Singapore, especially in time of traditional festivals. Go there, you will feel like you are in India by images, sounds, smells and Indian space filled. According to Census 2010, about a fifth of Singapore Indians living in Singapore is Muslim, therefore also easy to see why tourists would feel Muslim culture exists in many corners where here.

A corner view from above Little India. Photo:

Little India attracted many customers from everywhere with a wealth of shops selling food Indian, Malay and Chinese. There are also many markets selling fresh vegetables, flowers, spices and fruits. Besides, interspersed between the scent of spices and flowers are Serangoon road and hidden alleys like Campbell Lane, Dunlop Street and Hindon Road. Here, look to these stores Ayurvedic massage oils, gold, frankincense and fabrics with many different materials.

Muslim girls in Little India. Photo:

One of the remarkable place in Little India is a 24 hour Mustafa shopping center – known as a great place to hunt for souvenirs. This mall was built in 1971, by Mustaq Ahmed, an Indian Muslim. Besides, in this area and neighborhood also has many mosques including Sultan mosque, Abdul mosque, the mosque and the mosque Angullia Tasek Utara.

24 Mustafa Center shopping area. Photo:

3.   Lau Pa Sat Food Market

Previously Lau Pa Sat market also known as Telok Ayer, today this market is a long row of restaurants with all kinds of famous local dishes. Market was launched in 1825, and has expanded to the coast, to the merchant may direct loading and unloading the ship. Another interesting fact is that tourists will come here freely explore the traditional cuisine of Muslims being sold, which may include a number of prominent stores such as Jason Yong Tau Foo, Turkish Cuisine, Buffalo Wings-Rojak-popiah, Thunder Tea Rice, Your Little Brown Bag, …

Lau Pa Sat. Food Market Photo:


20150701134420-9 Bettertraveltips.comMosque Al-Abrar. Photo:

From the market, visitors will very easily move to the Al-Abrar Mosque in Telok Ayer 192 address. Moreover in this area also has a lot of impressive historical monuments, built by Indian Muslims in the early 19th century.
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