Discover London with tanks

Go to London, England, you may experience a type of new tour: traveling a scenic city with tanks, at a cost of about 1,500 pounds

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Guests of weapons in the city to explore the landmarks, the world famous landmark on the tank weighs 17 tons Abbot equipped firearms without worrying anything or fear of robbers, unsafe !


12 Bettertraveltips.comThis is an armored vehicle capable of high bulletproof car with a range of over 9 miles (14.5 km) The British government has been using in the 1960s.


Guests wishing to experience this type of tourism can book tours from Tanks a Lot website.


The Abbot tank has good size this country is the Ministry of Transport to put into tourism, are exempt from tax and road tolls, congestion charges.14 Bettertraveltips.comThe exploitation of this tour not only gives visitors new experiences, excitement but also ensure absolute safety for the passengers!15 Bettertraveltips.comBut to experience London sightseeing ride rising not everyone has enough financial capacity to perform. Guests must spend an expense is not cheap (around 50.5 million) for two people only tour within 3 hours.16 Bettertraveltips.comSitting on armored hood, you can rambling and views of the city, admire landmarks such as Big Ben, the London Eye, Parliament building …17 Bettertraveltips.comMr. Nick Mead, 54, from Dunstable, Bedfordshire, said: “This type of tourist safety in England, show the tank is no longer active, but still capable of good against bullets and bombs.”18“I want widely advertise this type of tourism because they can reach most of the tourist attractions and take visitors to all parts of the city to visit. Until now, service tanks tour we do not get the objections of one or any traffic fines while moving on the road, “said Nick shared more.19 Bettertraveltips.comNatasha Black and Megan Gibson are the first guests join this unique tour over the weekend before.20 Bettertraveltips.comYet some people feel frightened when his rear huge tanks entered the city in a heroic.21 Bettertraveltips.comImmediately, the tour attracted tanks interest and attention of many local and foreign tourists. Many locals and tourists quite surprised to see the tanks brought to visit, photograph and enlist them to save those moments this unique.22“It’s unbelievable, I’ve never seen a lot of people staring at her before. Take on tanks, you feel very interesting, comfortable and safe, “a traveler sharing his feelings.

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