Discover the romantic streets in Brazil

On stretch of road long romantic 184km traverse Brazil Vale dos Sinos Valley to Serra Gauchan plateau, visitors will be surprised with the extremely attractive city Sao Leopoldo, Nova Petropolis, Gramado, Canela …

brazil1-1443776105 Bettertraveltips.comPath Rio Grande Do Sul romantic – Photo: guidetrip

With the city takes on Europe, State of Rio Grande do Sul in southern Brazil is considered the most romantic place in the South American country.
Here, you can easily recognize the influence of German culture through architectural styles, festivals, fairs and folk dance groups.
Rio Grande do Sul is the major wine producers of Brazil. Due to the nature of history, many cities in this state is like a miniature Europe with the architectural style of the romantic Alps attracting European immigrants from the 18th and 19th centuries.
Nature also expressed preference for Rio Grande do Sul when given some extremely impressive canyons like Fortaleza or Itaimbezinho help ecotourism forms flourished.
And the fact that Rio Grande do Sul Brazilian tourists to come again when there is a series of romantic route to discover …

brazil1e-1443776105 Bettertraveltips.comA city like fairy steps away from Rio Grande Do Sul – Photo: fanpop

Porto Alegre, the state capital of Rio Grande do Sul is the first leg of the path romantic Brazil with the arts and cultural center, museum and spectacular music performances take place throughout the year.One of the annual events that attract tourists of the region’s biggest market in Latin America.Visitors to Porto Alegre also by the attraction of Gonçalo Carvalho, one of the most beautiful roads in the world and is considered the green lung of the city.Walk the long road about 500m, you will be lost in a forest with multiple trees Tipuana authentic roadside 20m high.According to local villagers, the trees are cultivated merits of the German workers in an old brewery in Porto Alegre from 70 years ago.The time line of trees on the road as “environmental heritage, culture and history” of the city after the government did not cut down trees to expand a large commercial center at the request of the people …* City Sao Leopoldo about 30km from Porto Alegre to the north, built in 1824 is considered the cradle of the German colony in Brazil.Even the name of the city to honor the German-born Empress Leopoldina with a wave of immigrants from Germany massive flock here.brazil9a-1443776228 Bettertraveltips.comGonçalo Carvalho Porto Alegre Street – Photo: wp

After admire buildings dating from that after 19, you go to the bridge July 25 Sinos river crossing dusk to keep the best picture of Sao Leopoldo.

brazil5a-1443776288 Bettertraveltips.comRailway Museum in Sao Leopoldo – Photo: flickr

From Porto Alegre about 115km north-east, you’ll come Gramado, Brazilian cinema capital and Latin American region, the city’s third attract tourists this country.Anyone have anxiety before the flawless architecture, blending colonial cultures from Italy and Germany.Every corner of city history are descendants of Italian immigrants communities and conservation Germany seriously.Year round stunning beauty of Gramado not changed so the flow of tourists flock to the city nuop nuop this throughout the four seasons.The charm of the city is in harmony with the surrounding area, where the buildings as willing to share space with the lovely small wooden houses, gardens and colorful pine forests, lakes xao in the wind.brazil2b-1443775958 Bettertraveltips.comDowntown Gramado helped put visitors in tourist high season in July and 8 – Photo: flickr

Gramado still glamorous footsteps of pilgrims to focus nực craft products in all regions of Brazil and the country’s largest cinema event Gramadopour Brazil occurs annually.brazil2g-1443776417 Bettertraveltips.comChurch of Sao Pedro in Gramado – Photo: flickr

Chocolate also contributed to the brand on the road romantic Gramado Brazil when many chocolate factory and regularly organizes chocolate festival.Mondo miniature park with many European buildings, museums, steam trains, Santa’s house … will make guests chatter not want to leave this place.brazil5d-1443776550 Bettertraveltips.comGramado is known for exciting Christmas program – Photo: wp

And on the way to Canela hydrangeas season from early December to mid-January, you will be ecstatic with flowering shrubs filled valley.* Located 8km apart, Canela is considered twin cities Gramado, from the mountains have a temperate climate such as Europe and have snow in the winter, only snow fell in July to September, up time This Christmas festivities flooded city.In Canela, the architectural style of the German Bavarian appear everywhere with the majority population are descendants of immigrants Germany and Italy, leaving you lost in a European city.brazil7-1443776669 Bettertraveltips.comPeaceful space in Canela – Photo: flickr

Nature varies in six national parks around Canela has opened up endless entertainment for visitors keen adventure sports and ecotourism.brazil1c-1443776669 Bettertraveltips.comStone Church in Canela – Photo: wp

Besides, Italian cuisine blended with local cuisine is considered one of the strengths of Canela on this romantic road.brazil1a-1443776821 Bettertraveltips.comImpressive waterfall in the park 131m Caracol, one of the attractions in Canela Nearby – Photo: flickr

Nova Petropolis about 91km from Porto Alegre to the north, is one of the cities of South America remain the most profound traditions, culture and the German accent.The first immigrant group to Nova Petropolis mostly German region of Saxony, Pomerania, Bohemia and Hunsrück.In just a short time, they made familiar with indigenous working conditions and the new German culture.Subsequently, Nova Petropolis welcome more settlers came from Austria.Now, the majority of local residents are descendants of immigrants from Germany.brazil3c-1443777000 Bettertraveltips.comGerman architecture in the city of Nova Petropolis – Photo: Skyscraper

Currently, Nova Petropolis is a historic city with many splendid palaces. The hospitality characteristic of the people of Nova Petropolis and local festivals are one of the factors that have contributed significantly to draw tourists to the state of Rio Grande do Sul.brazil4e-1443777133 Bettertraveltips.comGuests enjoy Nova Petrópolis by chariot – Photo: mapadeculturaIf

Nova Petropolis in the three months to 5, 6 and 7, you will have the opportunity to stroll Festimalha fair, one of the biggest cultural events Gauchan Serra region …brazil4a-1443777270 Bettertraveltips.comNova Petropolis Park also called “Garden City” – Photo: Skyscraper

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