Discover the unique the culture and diversity in Singapore

Whether you have a chance to go Singapore travel or uncertain, as well all know that this is one of the four Asian dragons, with the strong development of the economy, politics, society, and the fresh air and green paths to the highest in the world.

Long ago, the Singapore tourist attraction was a typical Asian destination not to be missed for the visitors.


Next to the dynamism and modernity of a city at the forefront of the economic sector in Asia, with the friendliness and openness of the people, the culturally diverse, colorful, unique is a charismatic reason steps in tourism to the island nation this beautiful Lion.


Around the world, each country and region has a vibrant culture, ethnic identity is mark to distinguish each region together, however come to Singapore, you will surprise and fascinated by the diverse cultures, many races here. The early 19th century, Singapore has been explored and elaborated into one focal point of trade to grow, attracting many immigrants and traders coming from places like China, India, Indonesia … This has created a multicultural Singapore-multi race as it is today. Most Singaporeans speak two languages: English and mother tongue. With the ethnic Chinese, who are mostly Malay, Indians of …, in which 77% of the population is Chinese, so Chinese is a language widely used and popular here. The structure of the population composed of many races with the policy of religious freedom by the Government has led to the formation of many different religious groups such as Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism … come to Singapore, you will be overwhelmed by the towers of the Church of Islam, the pyramidal tower with Gôtích architecture , the statue carved meticulously by the Hindu temple, and the roofs of Chinese temples. Harmony and solidarity between religions has led to Singapore being one of the countries with stable political background and the most secure in the world.

From the cultural diversity made the outstanding features of the cuisine of Singapore -things that any tourist would also do not forget to explore, when given the opportunity to this lion island nation. Singaporean cuisine is extremely rich with dishes from many different countries around the world. To food markets as Tekka market, Lau Pa Sat, the Maxwell Center, or ethnic areas, you will enjoy the typical dishes and wines of the China, India, Malaysia … Besides, if you want to enjoy the taste of the West, then the restaurant, large hotels would be the right option for you. Despite being dubbed as “harbor of culinary” with many flavors from all over the region, but Chinese is still the main array of cuisine of Singapore, so look around the food court, the vendors, you can easily find a lot of Chinese dishes are sold , with eye-catching cuisine decor but equally palatable. Exposed to the culinary culture in Singapore will give you experience are traveling around the world, with the healthy cuisine, featuring Asian, or modern taste with a fine from the Western food, and encapsulated in the culinary culture of Singapore certainly will not disappoint you in the journey of discovery.

The diverse culture-Singapore’s multi-racial not only expressed through cuisine, taste the richness of the different religions, but also be style over the traditional festival in Singapore. Typical festivals here including: as the Festival of colors Thaipusam is celebrated annually to pay homage to the gods of the Hindus Subramaniam, Festival of lively and colorful Chungay for the art of light, Fireworks and performances on stage from at home and abroad Sento Flower Festival, or brilliant and perfect lasted 8 days lunar new year attracts large numbers of tourists. All of the unique features in the Festival will definitely bring the unforgettable and impressive experience for anyone who has ever participated in and launch yourself into the festival here.

Singapore culture has many similarities with Vietnam culture, for as Singaporeans believe 6, 8, 9 are the lucky numbers, CLOUT expression for separation, broken mirror signal for the unfortunate, red is the color of an loc and prosperity, while black is the color of the bad luck of … But with Vietnam’s customs, in the first days of the new year, Singaporeans are never clean the House, do not shampoo, because it believes that doing so will repel the bad luck throughout the year. In everyday communication, Singaporeans never to use your index finger pointing at others, gripped the hand or fingers, so is the bastard. When the meal is not set chopsticks up on bowls or onto plates of food, otherwise the matter is put on the price, a chilli sauce or dishes for bones. A unique point in the culture of the community đân Singapore which is when married, the groom often offer nearly all the people in the countryside, neighbors to attend the wedding ceremony, the wedding after eating no drunk back on the hand holding an egg cooked to imply looking forward to family Bride Groom gifted children. In particular, the people of Singapore are not in response to the smoking ban and litter. In some public places, if you smoke and throw around garbage will be fined. Some pretty interesting cultural mores of the various ethnic communities in Singapore as the forehead of Indian women often tires a red node, while men use a white belt, when met, then pieced together the hands in front of chest to greet, Hindus do not eat beef and Muslims do not eat pork , drinking … has created the diversity and unique ethnic culture in this place.

The most characteristic culture in Singapore is probably the “condo culture”, with the urban areas and the apartments are good quality, affordable prices, creating a close-knit residential community, to unite together as a family. Apartments designed facilities, creating opportunities for the people living here to easily communicate with neighbors, right from stepping out of the door or in the area near the apartment. The Government also provides help for married children living close to their parents, encouraged the family to live together, to maintain the values of Asian families.

With the development of strong and resilient, and the modern and vibrant city of a dynamic city, Singapore was known as the “sleepless town”, day and night here appears to be two entirely different worlds. If as day, Singapore calm centrally with building skyscrapers, the peace and the hustle of people are engrossed in work, then when night falls, it turned her in tune with the excitement of the spree, the ebullience of youth, and the magical shimmering of colourful lights. The way flock to crowded city centre from sundown, the subway and the bus time. From the dissipated as Clark Quay, Zouk, Hoosters Bar…, the bustling commercial centre as City Square Mall, Marina Square …, so the tea room soothing jazz and deep, the cosy restaurants and casual, all of which embrace and immerse yourself in the fun until midnight just shining , making those who have ever come here can’t help but return to visit this place again.

Once travel in Singapore, through the journey discover maybe if use words to describe Singapore, then it just might be “unique and diverse”. With the richness of a culture of multi-ethnic harmony, between the two East-West culture, openness and friendliness of the people and the Republic unexpectedly and the always fun await you in every way, corner of Singapore. Surely this Lion of the island would be an ideal tourist destination number one for those who love exploring and want to experience new things in life.

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