Discovery 10 gorgeous bridges when traveling Singapore

Travel Singapore always attracts tourists with modern architecture and represents the world. But no one can tell the architecture is the story of a lively city as the bridge.

Along discover the top 10 most beautiful bridge in Singapore offline!


Suspension Bridge Tree Top Walk

MacRitchie Reservoir Park is renowned as one of the tourist destinations in Singapore Green free. It’s most popular tourist attraction on the trail is the green park and MacRitchie Tree Top Walk hanging bridge. If you are a lover of nature and keen to outdoor camping, do not miss the free tour of this unique Singapore juggernaut offline. In particular, from the Tree Top Walk the suspension bridge you can look at is the scenery of the lush tropical forests of Singapore.

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The Helix Bridge

Helix Bridge is one of the world’s most recognizable by its unique architecture spiral. The bridge is 280 m walk is made ​​from stainless steel connections with regional centers Marina South Marina. At night, the bridge is lit mirror into the water to attract more tourists to visit.

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Henderson Waves

Henderson Waves currently holds the record as the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore with 36m height from the road surface and are located in western Singgapore. With beautiful curvature, Henderson Waves looked remotely like a giant snake. It “crawl” across Henderson Road, Mount Faber park connected to Telok Blangah Hill Park. Singapore Government spent $ 25.5 million to build up its aim urged people towards green space for environmental cleanliness.

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Sentosa rope suspension bridge

Sentosa is Singapore’s south coast about 0.5 km, is the fourth largest island of Singapore. This is an impressive resort, there is a harmonious combination between a zone of tropical entertainment, nature park and heritage center. The most impressive feature in Sentosa is owned by a rope suspension bridge of Singapore first, connecting beach opposite Palawan island.

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Cavenagh Bridge

Cavenagh is the oldest suspension bridge in Lion Island, was put into use since 1868 and is the only bridge in Singapore has retained its primitive image. At first this bridge named Edinburgh to celebrate the visit of Singapore’s Duke, but later changed the name of the general William Orfeur Cavenagh, past the bridge is the place to exchange and trade of more wealthy merchants.

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Esplanade Bridge

The total length of 260m Eslanade is located on the estuary of Singapore and is built to provide easy access to the financial district Shenton than in 1997. The bridge with beautiful views, on days like independence or welcome year new, this is the most amazing spots to watch the fireworks and you feel not as boisterous as possible. Good time to surf on the sunset bridge or evening.

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Jubilee Bridge

Jubilee is one of Singapore’s newest bridge, built on the Singapore River to ease pedestrian traffic on the Esplanade Bridge. This bridge was built when trying to prime minister Lee Kuan Yew observed that the walkway along the Esplanade no longer enough for pedestrian movement, he also pointed out the need to build a bridge walk right here during his visit in 2004. Marina Bay Jubilee bridge was put into operation earlier than planned on September state funeral of former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew.

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Bridge Alkaff

From a distance looks like a bridge Alkaff artwork than for people bridge crossing. With a total length of 55m at Robertson Quay and Singapore River crossing. The name is derived from a bridge wealthy family Arabs, known here as the richest family in the 20th century Singapore.The bridge was built in 1997, inspired by a cargo boat model commonly used light before.

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Elgin Bridge

Visit the Elgin bridge at night will give you a magnificent view of Boat Quay. The bridge walk was used from 1800 to exchange and trade between Chinese merchants in the south of the Singapore River, with traders in northern India. This bridge also connects between Clarke Quay and Boat Quay, take a stroll over the bridge at night you will have the opportunity to admire the unique lamps designed by Italian sculptor is Cavalari Rudolfo Nolli .

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Read Bridge

Built in 1889, the bridge was named after William Henry Read a Scottish civilians, the government members of Parliament in Singapore and contributed a lot to the public service.Currently the bridge is also to relax, summerhouse of many locals and tourists.

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