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Supercar indifference, lethargy Kunefe dishes, discussing high temperatures of summer terrible as a contest … are the signs to help you recognize a person born and raised in Dubai.

1. indifference supercar: They are not surprised at Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari or Rolls Royce, because accustomed to their presence on the street. They do not understand why the tourists wanted to take selfie with vehicles.


1. Thờ ơ với siêu xe: Họ không ngạc nhiên trước những chiếc siêu xe như Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari hay Rolls Royce bởi đã quá quen với sự hiện diện của chúng trên phố. Họ không hiểu tại sao các du khách lại muốn chụp selfie với chúng. Ảnh: Biser3a.

2. Difference tired Kunefe dishes: This dessert is made from toasted bread, add cheese, sugar syrup, pistachios and rose petals. Kunefe is the perfect combination between the sweetness and day. This dish is very popular in Dubai. Photo: Dubaicravings.

3. Discuss the highest summer temperatures as about a contest: Each summer, the Dubai to comment on the highest temperature with friends and colleagues as possible about a contest with content “Heaven Can hot to be? “. They’ll post screenshots currently 48 degrees C when the courage to step out into the afternoon sun. Photo: Platinumliving.

4. Or flipped from “Habibi” and “Yallah”: In Arabic, “Habibi” means “dear friends” for men. People use the word “Yallah” (Come on) when you want clarion others. Photo: Nbcnews.5. Không bao giờ ăn mặc lôi thôi: Dù là đi siêu thị hay đi dạo ở công viên, người Dubai cũng ăn mặc chỉn chu khi bước ra khỏi cửa. Ảnh: Uaenoc.5. Never dressing down: Either go the supermarket or walking in the park, the Dubai always dressed as he walked out the door. Photo: Uaenoc.


6. Thursday is a day of fun, partying: The day the boys, girls wearing the most gorgeous costumes and famous nightclubs in Dubai. Photo: 3indubai.Al_Qasrfront Bettertraveltips.com7. Weekend brunch swing, beach and Barasti: After a drunken rampage in the 5th, 6th and 7th morning in Dubai is devoted to sleep, eat breakfast and drink coffee late in the famous Barasti bar. Photo: Dubaidays.RoyalIslandBeachClub

8. “Winter is coming” is a good thing: When the majority of the nations of the world expect the summer, people are again planning to Dubai to avoid the heat elsewhere. However, that means that they’ll post photos selfie beach in winter, while other places are thick jacket. Photo: Aishti.

ISLAM_ramadan_in_11082010 Bettertraveltips.com9. Respect for the execution of Ramadan: The Dubai would not eat in the public sector in Ramadan (fasting ceremony and drinking during the day of the Muslims). Guests will get the look less favorably if carefree dining in Dubai in the day. Photo: Asianews.uae64051 Bettertraveltips.com10. Easy adaptation in the environment, different culture: The Dubai was acquainted with many types of cuisine, from Vietnam to dish specialties Brazil, as the city has many upscale restaurants serving dishes come from countries around the world. According to Matador Network, where there are many traditional holidays of the countries, such as Ireland’s dance festival or Oktoberfest beer festival. Photo: Uaeinteract.

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