Emerging tourist destinations make you enraptured

Self-governing area Mykonos (Greece) to get the attention of major international stars such as LeBron James, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Cristiano Ronaldo and Jennifer Lopez.

1. Brazil: Brazil is one of the tourist attractions. However, the Organization of the 2014 World Cup success and here is the 2016 Summer Olympics has helped this country stronger tourism development. Brazil has greatly upgraded infrastructure facilities such as airports, railway stations and bus stop is designed to help new visitors can freely explore all the attractions of Fernando de Noronha, the historic center of Olinda, Salvador beaches and. ..

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2. Nicaragua: Nicaragua is a Democratic Republic in Central America. Here, the natural majestic volcanic mountains, tropical forest areas or stretches of beaches and colorful works.

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3. Seoul, South Korea: the Kpop wave gives South Korea the changes differ when draw is the younger visitors to the country. The most prominent among them is Psy song Jung Style brings powerful influence worldwide. Seoul, South Korea always capture the needs of tourists and they bring groundbreaking changes such as building more houses, upgrade infrastructure systems to … The boom of tourists do not make them too disturbing.

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4. Taipei, Taiwan: Taiwan’s capital far from what people imagine. Taipei is located in the northern end of the main island and the Tamsui River, a Pacific port city Keelung 25 km northeast and is indeed a worthy tourist destination “the rice bowl of coins”. Taipei possesses so much beautiful scenery, life blends classic and modern cuisine “ứa saliva” and this is the time this city got the attention of more international tourists in the year 2015.

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5. Mykonos, Greece: last time, self-governing area Mykonos received great attention of the international stars such as LeBron James, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Cristiano Ronaldo and Jennifer Lopez … with a beautiful coastline and a comfortable relaxing atmosphere. And thanks for the VIP guests that the island become a new spot on the world tourism map.

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