Enjoy the soothing and sweet in Tasmania

We like to wake up to nature scenes out from the plane window. A puree silver clouds covering nearly 70,000 square kilometers island Natural …

… Then the camera panning engrossed, feeling tired and forget sleepiness due to leave the hotel in Sydney at 3 am to catch the earliest flight of the day to the island of Tasmania … Tassie (Aussie nickname Tasmania) entertained us with a gentle natural breakfast and sweet like that.


Passionate explore the wilderness and each “stupor” before Tasmania through the photos of professional photographers, we have decided to book tickets to Australia. Of course Sydney and Melbourne are the two destinations “have to” to know how the country is Australia, but some days we stay still more than Tasmania.

Harmony with nature

Tasmania almost absolutely untouched. We struggled guide map search entire island, but no.

After huddling in the cold 70C and spoke to the driver of the airport bus, we discovered how far homestay accommodation centers, while public transportation such as buses are very less.

Tassie tour is self-discovery tour. Passengers on our flights to destinations poured out for long day self-drive car hire (type mobile home – caravan car) because this is the best way of traveling in Tassie.

20150724163559--1 Bettertraveltips.comGreat nature and tranquility in Tasmania

These buses run only through the rare major roads, during working hours of the day of the week. Last week, the bus only runs around the center of Hobart.

If there were an international driver’s license, we can roamed on the green journey, traveling through the woods, past farms and drove deep into rivers, streams, parking then camping sleeping through night, watching the sunrise from the mountain snow or in the tent …

Looking at a car rental that we simmering intend to return here after an international driver’s license!

Eight o’clock in the morning, whole town was engulfed in dense fog as the clouds. The three of us looked at each other, find themselves wondering whether there are not above ground.

Rented far right in the center, surrounded by forest with the forest. We were warned to bring his shoes at home, because the evenings are likely to be wild.

20150724163559--2 Bettertraveltips.comEight o’clock in the morning, the town was engulfed in dense fog

The first evening, while standing outside to talk on the phone, I heard a “ridiculous” to have something fall from the tree, looking over the new discovery is a reporter wallaby down and jumping around in the field, how I was about hundred meters.

But they do not attack humans, presumably because they are human here as you behave.

The beauty of Australia and in particular Tassie is aware wonderful nature reserve of the government and the people.

The tour is only on duty drove visitors to the trail into the woods and stopped remotely travelers unwittingly watching the animals go through.

Guests are only watching and not be harassed them. Kangaroo or koala, wallaby (this figure by half small kangaroo and lighter colored fur) still living with humans.

Daylight has access to them, they hid in the woods somewhere, just the night or early morning they new jump.

20150724163559--3 Bettertraveltips.comSmall trail to the lighthouse between high hills sloping

Local specialties imprint

Hobart center with an area of ​​only a small part of the whole Tassie but concentrated to half the population of course is where the island’s busiest.

In addition to a central port and administrative buildings around the harbor, the streets of Hobart quiet suburb no different.

Administrative buildings have similar architectural style of English Australia. Weekly Saturday morning, the sidewalks and the street in front of the organization of agricultural markets.

We can see tiny carrots beautiful pink, purple types. Shawls, woolen coats, flowers, wine, candles made from wine, lavender, roses … all are local agricultural products.

Tassie governments protect farmers and local agricultural products very carefully.

From the airport, all fruits have not been brought to the island, whether you’re half-eaten apple and originating from other parts of Australia, to avoid risks for plant pests in the island.

Everyone enlist procurement, agricultural admire and passion expressed through the way people sell display and introduce their products confidential.

20150724163809--4 Bettertraveltips.comHobart center in the romantic beauty of autumn

The beauty of a small town’s public transport we have to walk through the streets covered with gold leaf fall and watch carefully through buildings, parks or incubators gold at stopping just sit under the same street quiet, watching the leaves fall and rustled under his feet.

To Tassie, we can not ignore the tour to visit the surrounding small islands, only twenty minutes away by ferry.

The high sloping hills, the small trail to the lighthouse to maximize eye on the rare white house on the beach and steep rocky shadow.

Nothing to rush, just breathe slowly and carefully watching every curve of the mountainside.

Our car to cross over the road to get to the farm cellar and vineyards where farmers harvest and produce the spot.

Consecutive try many wines, all groggy no time, we were enjoying raw oysters just catching up.Oysters here as small as half the oysters in Vietnam but very fresh, sweet and not fishy cool.

Just squeeze a little lemon is impossible to eat a most delicious way. We continue to be led through a restaurant produced cheeses nearby.

20150724163809--5 Bettertraveltips.com

You can choose a cheese plate and wine variety and find the corner with his friends outdoor garden with long wooden table to chat …

Also a special category can not fail to mention the tiny house manufacturing chocolate provides famous chocolate brands in the world.

We stood in a circle in the salon with ten square meters area, listening techniques handmade chocolate.

Passion, devote their entire life to the delicious chocolate bars and sophistication of the artists here have attracted the listeners.

We were “pickpockets” buy all kinds of chocolate a fun way.

You can not go out on a sample nonchalantly before the chocolate shape subtle unique, with the knowledge of genuine chocolate.

Late on, the temperature to near 70C but we feel warmer when heat transfer from the fire of the passion of this artist.

We decided to end a wonderful day by visiting pizzeria (also open by the farmers).

Embracing hands on two boxes tangy hot pizza, I put my tight woolen scarf and hat, walking three kilometers motels when dusk sky.

20150724163809--6 Bettertraveltips.comThe attractive colors in agricultural markets of residential Tassie

Will come back …

Peak Wellington center half-hour drive from Hobart is where everyone will have to look at to Tassie.

Delivery very steep road. Along the way, we focus admire the houses with gardens and lovely site, is soon filled to the top.

Just stepped off the bus, directly at the wind speed. All visitors, young and old, men and women are doing an operation is even more clothing, tuck shirt cAustralia tightly, tightly wound scarves and hats.

Yet cold wind kept on freezing body. From this spot overlooking the whole city suddenly became too small.

Tasmania , Hobart center , top WellingtonAtop cold windy Wellington

Wooden road along mountain outstretched left us feeling flying, really flying atop the city with the wind, the cold, majestic scenery and a little sense of conquering another peak.

Perhaps because of the cold on the mountain this year around here than live trees, almost bare hill with stones and silver colored leaves.

The day after that, we wandered through the streets, farm to see Australia fall the most rustic way.

We pick some apples from the trees along roads not owned by anyone. Apples full of stumps, tiny but very sweet.

Because we are too eager see the tree all day sun, the occasional farmer cheerful hello and talk and talk about life here.

20150724164017--8 Bettertraveltips.comThe attractive colors in agricultural markets of residential Tassie

Six days in Tassie, we seem to have no memory of the bustling city life too noisy, only known natural and quiet tranquility.

Someday we will be back to explore west and north chronic Tassie, to bathe in a natural environment, in the woods, along streams, lakes on the car before the caravan. Surely that!

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