10 most beautiful tourist cities in Europe

With beautiful castles in fairy tales, strange museums, amusement parks, magnificent architectural landscape, the biking, boating made European travel destination most attractive for everyone, every family.


1. The City of London, England
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Guests must not be missed city attractions include World of Harry Potter, Peter Rabbit and Paddington Bear.It can not not mention the Royal, the giant Ferris wheel, or the famous architecture. Another interesting point when visitors to London’s city museums – which can completely “blown” the minds of visitors and hardly paying any cost.
Places not to be missed: The London Dungeon determine, Museum of Natural History of London, St Jame’s Park Parks and soldiers guard change, the Tower of London.
2. The city of Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Amsterdam is a popular destination for adults, but in reality, this place filled with fun attractions for children all ages. With unique museums, historical treasures and outdoor activities in the vast park, not to mention biking and boating. Amsterdam is the perfect place for families can enjoy their vacation.
The location can not be ignored: Vondelpark, Nemo Science Center, Anne Frank Museum, Discover canals by boat, the famous flower market Tours and ancient canals by bike.
3. The city of Paris, France
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No one can deny visitors from fresh baked bread, croissants or soft silky crepe. And of course Paris is not just for people who love the dishes mentioned above, but is for everyone. Guests easily caught the pastry shop located in each corner, explore the city by Metro and the Eiffel Tower can be seen from all angles.
Do not forget to visit places such as Luxembourg Gardens, Paris Catacombs, natural history museum and tour to visit the Eiffel Tower.
4. The city of Berlin, Germany
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Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy life in urbanized city Assembly this development. Although each city nominated as the most exciting tour in 2014 but Berlin seems to welcome visitors more special in another way. Kindercafe countless famous restaurant, the brilliant green space, playground fun, and the space is filled in traditional history are inescapable in the journey of every family in Berlin.
Places not to be missed: the Museum Island, elevated Mountmitte park, the Tiergarten park, East Side Gallery- remnant of the Berlin Wall.
5. City of Prague, Czech Republic
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The city has thousands of vertical spiers as in the fairy tale. Kids really enjoy the sound of the clock tower rang and explore Prague Castle and was fascinated by buildings ballroom. Meanwhile, the parents again excited superb beers, church architecture and the price extremely cheap here.
These locations should come as Prague Jewish Museum, Charles Bridge walk, park Petrin, Prague Castle.
6. The city of Barcelona, ​​Spain
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Barcelona overwhelmed by the bright color range, strange but beautiful architecture, magnificent, pungent smell, a sweet sound, and superb gourmet cuisine is sure to make satisfaction and inspire visitors as Alice lost in Wonderland so.
At La Rambla famous streets, the performances with fire and sword swallowing would have caught the children’s attention. Not to mention countless chocolate museum, where practiced patent and scientific experiments. This is certainly the place that visitors spellbound astonishment compounded.
These locations should come: Barcelona Aquarium, Chocolate museum, science museum CosmoCaixa.
7. City of Vienna, Austria
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Guests will not know where to start when you walk to this beautiful city. Besides being one of the best cities in the world for public transport system, Vienna ó also appeal particularly to children.
With architecture opera house, or from schnitzel dishes to renowned chocolate cake line “aristocratic” Sacher Torte, culture rich cities of art that visitors will like enjoying street waltz during the stay.
These locations should come: Schönbrunn Palace, Belvedere museum, public park Prater, Haus des Meeres Aquarium.
8. The city of Rome, Italy
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Besides images gladiators, famous gelato or architectural splendor of this city rich in ancient history also interesting dishes. In Rome, the locals very seriously children and cuisine. So tourists wait any longer without visiting this city right?
These locations should look to: Roman arena, Vantican Vatican, the Trevi fountain.
9. Dublin, Ireland
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Put your foot down Dublin, visitors will get the warm welcome of the locals. It is known for a culture warm and friendly, besides interesting intonation is almost no language barrier. Dublin’s main attractions and suitable for those who have the desire to explore.
Places to visit: Kilmainham Gaol prison, Dublin Zoo, Phoenix Park, churches Dublinia.
10. City of Brussels, Belgium
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Brussels is a great tourist attraction for the tourists. Especially this wonderful city very suitable for children.The local people here are friendly and always look at life from the perspective of humor.
Medieval architecture blended with colorful wall paintings and sculptures as different as sculpture pee boy became the mascot for this city. Brussels is not crowded like Paris or London, but compared to the two cities on the Brussels even fully bring charismatic charm stays for the whole family.
Places to visit not to be missed: Grand Place, the boy peeing statue Manneken Pis, the Museum Comic Strip Centre comics, works Atomium.
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