10 things you may not know about London

Waving “chariot” across the street, walk under the Thames and driving in the right lane may be something new for many travelers to London.

1. Pioneer subway system
London Underground’s famous urban rail networks in the world’s first, opened in 1863 and promoted many other cities around the world to follow. Subway Map iconic today as well as a design pioneer, inspiring a series of designs copied worldwide. There are around 3.5 million trips are made each day on the London Underground.

2. Can waving “Stagecoach” on the streets of London

The black cab of London’s iconic still registered under the name of trailers Hackney (Hackney Carriages) and “carriages” (horse-drawn carriages).Today they are commonly known as “black taxi” (Black Cabs).

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3. As an international city in the world

London is said to be the place to use more languages ​​than any other city in the world (about 300 languages). Although this is difficult to prove accurately but once you walk the streets of London in a few days, you will hardly be in doubt about that. Especially, in Notting Hill Carnival festivities every year, you will meet people from the community in Brick Lane Bangladesh to Asians in Chinatown, or the people from the Caribbean when they took to the streets.

We can say London is a convergence of many cultures around the world.London was also the city with the thickest density of population in the world before this title belongs to Tokyo in 1925.

4. London served as two separate cities

Modern London is made up of two ancient city is the City of London and Westminster. Not only changed the geography, the city has undergone five name changes since the Roman Empire was first grounded Londinium, Augusta, Lundenwic, Lundenburh and eventually London today.

5. Tower of Big Ben has officially named Elizabeth

Famous clock tower at the Houses of Parliament or Palace of Westminster is one of the most famous sites of London, but did you know that Big Ben is not the official name of it? Big Ben is actually the name of the 13.7 ton heavy bell inside the tower, Clock Tower are large (the Great Clock Tower) or the Elizabeth Tower (Elizabeth Tower) was the official name of Big Ben. This also is not the biggest clock in London that this honor belongs to clock in Shell Mex building on Strand Road.

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6. Each has more than 10 rivers in cities

Thames has long is the lifeblood of the city, but the former has many rivers running through the Thames valley. Today, many rivers have been built to fill but still a few rivers flowing underground in the city as flowing river below Oval Crickethay Effra, Westbourne river flowing from Hyde Park through Sloane Square subway station.

7. London Bridge is not the only famous bridges of the city

London Bridge can be known as the most famous bridge across the River Thames, but in fact, London has 33 bridges, each structure to impress very personal way. Iconic bridge on the postcards of London’s Tower Bridge (London Bridge and not as many tourists mistake) and some other bridges as Vauxhall Bridge, Southwark Bridge, Waterloo Bridge …

8. There are 7 noses hidden in Soho

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For people who are looking to explore London in a completely different way, it can reach the streets of Soho and seek 7 this nose. This is the work of sculptor Rick Buckley oddball, who tied the nose on top of buildings around the area. The nose hidden in Soho since 1996 and is expected to bring the infinite wealth for anyone can find all 7 nose.

9. You can walk under the Thames

London has many underground tunnels, but one of the most unique way to explore the underground world is walking through the tunnel under the Thames river walk Greenwich (Greenwich Foot Tunnel), running from the Isle of Dogs to Cutty Sark Greenwich or tunnel Woolwich (Woolwich Foot Tunnel) connecting North Woolwich to Woolwich with.

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10. There is a street in London that the right driver is legal

London law regulations road cars to drive on the left, but strangely have a right to drive new city rules. That Savoy Court Road, the road leading to the Savoy Hotel, was officially modified by a special law of the British Parliament to enable women (who often sit in the rear carriages) could easily easily alight on the pavement.

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