Berlin – A peaceful corner of Europe

As one European tourist destination and very popular world attractions to visit, the beautiful city of Berlin – Germany’s capital always leave a good impression in the tourists.


Not haughty, romantic as Paris, France; no hurried footsteps in the fog lãng as in London; not modern and bustling as New York; Berlin immersed in the definition of peace that many people have exclaimed surprise when the opportunity had come.

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The company operates German customers sending lịchkhi to travel are taking the most time to explore Berlin. The capital of Germany, Berlin is the largest city, is the pride and also a precious treasure of the history and art of the German people. In addition, Berlin is also the political centre of scientific, cultural and critical of the European area. Travel to Berlin, you will gain a lot of experience with numerous places of interest and stunning scenery to admire. A number of famous attractions and most typical of Berlin you must stop until the arrival in the city are: the Court of the City Hall, the Potsdam square, the Brandenburg Gate -the symbol of Germany, the Fernsehturm television tower… in particular, Berlin is also a city of many world-class museums such as the Altes , Neues Bodenmuseum, Alte Nationalgalerie, Etc. Berlin has owned several imposing Opera House with stunning architecture, is a paradise for those who love the genre, such as: Deutsche KomischeIf you are nature lovers, don’t miss the Berlin Botanical Garden, the Zoo Berlin, or visit the outdoor big wann to immerse yourself in the natural beauty. Sure Berlin will make a complete trip with plenty of unforgettable and impressive experience.

Germany with the beauty of fall, is the destination that can give you a lot of surprises. Some European tour promotiontoday, many visitors opt for his tour with the price fits the ability, to make the dream of Europe enjoy and don’t forget to stop in Germany, with Berlin implicit exotic charms. If you are intend to make European itineraries, then quickly plan and sign up for a lengthy tour to Germany, the same immersed in the tranquillity of the City Berlin, Yes, certainly this would be wonderful memories cannot forget about a Berlin special in my heart.

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