Discovery europe by railway

Although it is very convenient and fast, travelling by train around Europe will still have some unexpected problems if you skip the planning or do not choose the appropriate tickets.

With a vast rail network with many trains running straight to the heart of the city and is not limited to baggage, rail really is the ideal transport for excursions Your Europe.


Plan your trip

You need to define how much the trip will be through national, prior to any city, any city later. There are so, you can decide for cards or tickets to buy, and help you actively in your trip, saving costs incurred and moving more convenient.


Please select the type of ticket / card matching cruise ship yours. Photo: Acprail

The cards and train tickets

Depending on the itinerary, you can choose one of the following tags:

– Eurail National Pass is a card that allows unlimited travel by train in a European country. Packages time depending on the country want to travel by train.

– Eurail Regional Pass is the type of card allows unlimited travel by train in two European countries contiguous.

– Eurail Select Pass is a card for unlimited train travel between 3, 4 or 5 European countries contiguous. States should close together and can travel by train or boat.

– Eurail Global Pass is the card type commuter train in 24 European countries in a certain time period.

Then you choose the type of ship cards flexibility (Flex Pass) to travel on specific dates in a certain time period or continuous ship card (Consecutive Pass) to travel with fixed dates and contiguous.

For each type of card board and in each country will have its own application conditions, you should check carefully the information to consider before buying.

If you do not have a specific plan or favorite cruise free, buy tickets one leg (between the cities) to avoid waste.

Buy tickets in advance

After determining the journey, you can buy train tickets early 60-90 days. If quick and lucky, maybe you’ll buy cheap tickets are launched with limited quantities.

For ship card, you do not need to buy before too soon, each will have its own discount for each person and group. If you are traveling on international trains, make sure your ship card must be valid for travel all over the country, nation and country to which the train passes.

If the train goes through country is not in the cards ship, you need to buy a ticket for the train journey is not included in the card, and should buy before boarding because fares are very expensive on board.


Train is the ideal transport for excursions Your Europe. Photo: germanrailway

Book seats

Although not required, but it will help you book in advance to make sure there was a seat on the day away and feel comfortable, right reviews as near a window, aisle or desired seats and carriages. Sometimes saving a few euros can make you be forced to ride later, or turn down the narrow aisle chambers.


You should check the departure times on the online website to ensure zero daylight (although this rarely happens). Come station 20-30 minutes earlier than the departure time.

When using a credit-card, you need to confirm at the ticket counter at the station (with passport) and ship personnel will fill the day of departure and dates for your trip. If using a leg ticket, you still need to confirm in the scanner placed in the platform.

Night train

Take the train that night wise choice when you want to move a long distance, so saving time and cost of a room. You can select seats or bunk beds in one compartment for his night journey. Reservations for cabins berths must be paid in advance and extra fees have been added to the Eurail Pass on the ship card.

When departing on the night train, attendants will guide you to your sleeping compartment and required to surrender or booking train tickets, plus a passport which will be returned at the end of the journey. On some routes, breakfast is free with the ticket, you can also buy snacks and drinks directly from the attendants.


Do not forget to bring some snacks on board. Photo: Acprail

Note aboard

Apart from sightseeing ship window, talk to people, you should bring a few books or laptops to “kill” time on board. A purchase at pharmacies earplugs will take effect when you want a good night’s sleep on the train.

Baggage should be locked and to within sight or compartment above his seat. Often companies railway will not bear any responsibility for loss of luggage.

You should also prepare some snacks to bring to the stomach lining because selling prices are more expensive on board.

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