European travel through 10 beautiful churches wowing

Worldwide, there are so many churches are decorated brightly with very special architecture, however the top 10 beautiful churches in Europe that introduced below will overshadow all.

Admire the beauty of the 10 most beautiful churches in Europe.


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St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow, Russia: Cathedral St.Basil located in the heart of Moscow, located south of Red Square and the Kremlin near the palace. Church with unique architecture is one of the 7 Wonders of the most attractive Russian tourists. Photo: Michael Oreshnikov

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Westminster Abbey Cathedral, England: Known as the church of St Peter’s church complex in Westminster, this is the architecture almost entirely brought the Gothic style and is one of many religious works featured in the UK . The church was built at the request of King Henry III in 1245 in preparation for the resting place of kings and had 15 royal wedding was held here. Photo: Domingo Leiva

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Assumption church buildings stand out amongst the beautiful lake Bled is one of the most unique architecture of Slovenia. This church was built in the 15th century and renovated in the 17th century after an earthquake.From the early 19th century, it became popular vacation spot for nobility worldwide. Photo: Ruzdi Ekenheim

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Great location to watch the sunset over Oia Santorini church – one of the famous beautiful churches in the world with unique domes. Photo: Elia Locardi

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Located on the Seine’s prosperous metropolitan Paris, Notre Dame is building style typical of Gothic architecture with beautiful stained glass windows. Photo: Silviu Bondari

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Church of Vik, Iceland located between dazzling flower field. Photo: Max Rive

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Cathedral Hallgrímskirkja, Iceland: It took 41 years, from 1945 to 1986, the construction of the new church completed Hallgrímskirkja. With height 74.5 m, out four Hallgrímskirkja remains one of the highest buildings Iceland, her own, standing on a high tower of the church visitors can see the whole view of the city from on high . Photo: Carlos Almagro

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St. Paul Cathedral, London, England: The dome of St. Paul Cathedral but not gold plated like Isaak Cathedral but no less impressive. The important ceremonies of the royal family or be held here, such as the wedding between Prince Charles cult and Princess Diana in 1981, or the 50th anniversary on the throne of the Queen of England in 2002. Photo: Ed Norton

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Catholic church, Hallstatt, Austria: Church is located right next to the lake Hallstaetter poetic. Photo: Elia Locardi

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Cathedral of St Peter’s Basilica, Rome, Italy stunning at night. Photo: David Wasserman
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