Few Things known about the first house of English princess

Kensington Palace was the residence of the British Royal family members, including Prince William’s family. They have welcomed new members: Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, 2 minutes, 5.

There are 300 years old palace of fun things that not many people know.

the Palace, with the Royal, electric Kensington, England, Uk travel
Prince William and Princess Kate and her daughter. Photo by Yahoo.com.

1. Each is a resort in the suburbs

In the 17th century, when the Kensington and is surrounded by lush countryside setting, this is considered the perfect retreat in the suburb of King William III and Queen Mary II was relocated to cure asthma by the King, by the time many people believed that the fresh air will help the King cured without medication , in contrast to the air around your Whitehall — where the Crown is said to have more dirt.

2. The Special staircases

The life of the female members of the Royal family between the walls of this Palace is not only full of treasure and sumptuous. In fact, people living alone, sadness.

Few Things known about the first house of English princessKensington Palace was the residence of many Royal members through several dynasties.Photo: Aviewoncities.com. 

Both Princess Diana and Princess Margaret (the daughter and sister of Queen Elizabeth II) are not happy during live in this Palace. The Queen Mary II from getting smallpox within a week after moving here and died at the age of 32. Queen Anne was pregnant 17 times in the Palace in the hope of having the heir presumptive, but not any of her children to live to adulthood. Do your Kensington where sadness and gloomy with women who used to live here, one of the stairs of the Palace are drawing the servants and baby with hope to break the curse.

3. The room of Prince George is haunted

Room 1A of Kensington was the residence of the Prince George’s lovely, but many people say this room was dark and there was the ghost appears throughout the history of the Palace. When Princess Margaret in this room, she told the housekeeper that there’s a woman wear Regency appeared in front of her and then go through the wall.

4. Many of the great events of Queen Victoria takes place at Kensington Palace

Queen Victoria was born and raised in the Palace. This is also where she met her future husband and his newsletter will become his successor. The life of Mrs. attached to your Kensington to the point that many people think she will continue here after taking the throne, but she was immediately moved to Buckingham Palace and never go in Kensington.

the Palace, with the Royal, electric Kensington, England, Uk travelQueen Victoria statue in Kensington Palace. Photo: Daily Mail.

5. the Beatles performed here

When Princess Margaret lived in Kensington Palace with her husband, Lord Snowdon, she held lavish parties and invited a number of internationally renowned superstar attended, including ballet dancers Rudolf Nureyev and the band The Beatles.

6. The changes with Prince William and Princess Kate

After moving to this, Prince William and Princess Kate has borrowed the precious antiques from the Royal collection to decorate their House, with the desire to create a classic atmosphere to the place. Some modern equipment such as heating the floor, Wi-Fi, video projector and audio rooms were installed in the process of remodeling. Kensington Palace is now open to visitors in part, event hire, wedding party.

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