France tourist visit sumptuous castles of the chaplain

Emperor Napoleon once called Fontainebleau “the true abode of Kings”. From Paris about 60 km, it is the unique attractions that you can’t ignore once to France.


Dusty trip lasted almost a month in Europe, Fontainebleau-a locality in France as far is mentioned in the history of Vietnam has urged us to this lavish mansions of the French monarchs reign.

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The front yard and the Fontainebleau Palace seen from the main gate.

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The dreaming tree in the garden though after the storms in December 1999, has nearly 800 trees were uprooted

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Logo of the Palace remains the famous horseshoe-shaped staircase of the Androuet du Cerceau Jean architects.

To be UNESCO World Heritage site since 1981, the castle of Fontainebleau of France is more than sixty kilometers South-East of Paris, has witnessed eight centuries of dynastic rule: Capétiens, Valois, and Bourbons, Bonaparte and Orléans.

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Fontainebleau train station.

In order to play on one early morning, Fontainebleau from the Paris centre you have to take the metro of Lyon Station to 14, then buy the train ticket from the Fontainebleau train station. Trains run continuously throughout the day. When down ga Fontainebleau, you out front to catch bus number 1 did not lose money because of the train ticket already including the bus on the day. This bus stop gateway Fontainebleau.

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Train tickets to Fontainebleau.

But note, in Lyon when buying tickets to Fontainebleau at the counter, carefully check the price listed on the ticket. Recording tickets 7.5 euros per person but found we were foreigners, men who sold us our tickets and 4 say quickly because a train about to run and asked to pay 70 euros for 4 tickets instead of only 30 euros.

Once on board, I get a ticket out new look saw clearly the fare only available … 7.5 euro-can use go smoothly in 24 hours for other types of public transportation. Complaining isn’t anything because nothing proves we have paid 70 euros. Lessons learned would also have fees.

Corner of the Palace seen from the outdoor landscape.1946 in this castle took place the Fontainebleau Conference discusses peace in Indochina between the French Government and the Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

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Ta marine House was built during the reign of Louis XIV

Fontainebleau architecture consists of two parts: the architecture of Palace and Park architecture. The Palace of Fontainebleau is a combination of schools of Renaissance and French artistic traditions.This is the birth place of the school of Fontainebleau-the school has shown and dominated French art until the mid-18th century.

The Palace was surrounded by a large park to 115 pattern and undisturbed Lakes brought the Swans leisurely hang out.

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Wall patchy inert balls the same drive.

In the XII century, the Fontainebleau was originally just a large area, between a forest expansion to 17,000 hectares used for hunting retreat of royalty. To come to the 16th century in the time of Francis I, he wanted to turn the Fontainebleau into a “New Rome” so the Palace was enlarged, embellished further over time. Have to say this is a masterpiece of architecture styles of the two countries France and Italy at the time.

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A corner of Fontainebleau.

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Entrance to the large park behind the Castle.

During the French Revolution took place, the whole furniture of the Palace of Fontainebleau were carried away, the castle became a barracks and then to prison. In 1804 Napoleon had restored the status of Fontainebleau to retooled fixtures, regularly organizes concerts or performances and also conducted the Affairs ruled France from the Castle. It was at this castle Napoleon signed the Declaration to abdicate in 1814.

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The garden dwell as flexible.

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The visitors path around the Lake.

Come here in the fall there will be the occasional echo lất and returned to the fray the sunshine light yellow as adornment for the Castle a legendary ancient splendour and more romantic season leaves fall for the Garden Bowl surrounded by fields.

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