Free attractions in Paris

Paris was expensive and exuberant but does not mean the absence of free attractions (and enjoyable) for those with modest pocket money as an international student.

The outdoor cinema in Villette

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Parc de la Villette is one of the largest green lung of Paris (district 19) at the same time is venues organized important cultural activities of the capital. In the summer, Parisians as well as foreign tourists are usually “guard me” showtimes outdoors to join. To get here, you just have to catch the métro (subway in Paris) route No. 5 and get off at Porte de Pantin. Remember to bring a thin jacket for late night cinema khoắt.

Visiting “home” celebrities in Père Lachaise

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Is considered the world’s largest cemetery, Père Lachaise (District 20) today is one of the sights not to be missed by visitors to Paris, especially at the secluded weekend morning. Two Ben Philipe Auguste and Père Lachaise is the nearest métro station is two cemeteries. You should go to the pick-up point at the gate or download from the site is officially a map to find his way to the grave of the person you would like to visit, if not you will get lost amongst the thousands of graves. The names such as Jim Morrison (The Doors rock band) or Diva Edith Piaf are resting here. Don’t hesitate to “o” as a group of guided tourists to listen to interesting stories about the life of famous people here

Swim in Paris

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The Paris do not go to sea for which would lie on a Sun sea sand in … along the Seine River. July, August in Paris, of sea sand will be up along the river Seine to form the beaches (Paris Plage) artificial, stretched from the Ile Saint Louis to the Jardin des Tuileries. Parallel to the beaches is the concert activity, performing arts building sand sculptures, funky purchases not least what real sea. However, remember that you are not a “sea” of the Seine now!

See performances of street fashion

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Around Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and Avenue Montaigne (8th arrondissement) are two of the ideal location for fashion shows show no-spend-tickets, because it merely look at wealthy Paris in their costumes. The typical fashion of the leading brands or the prestigious fashion magazine also are often held here.

Sunday morning the Museum

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In a book tour, I read that if you have to choose to visit two of the Orsay Museum and the Louvre, the Paris will choose the first one. However, you will not choose anything at all, by both museums have opening times for visitors. For example, you will be free to visit the Orsay Museum early on Sunday morning, or people from 18-25 years old and own the long term residency cards in countries in the European Union will also be free admission at both museums on. Also, in the Louvre, you will get free admission on national day, July 14.

View concerts in front of the Eiffel Tower

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On July 14, the French gathered in front of the Eiffel Tower, the Trocadero or the Champs de Mars to see fireworks in celebration of the national day, and concerts.The Eiffel Tower will be lit by fireworks in about 35 minutes, starting at around 23 h. You should be here in about 20 h 30 in order to occupy a seat in the grass.

In addition, every street corner, the Church, the Seine, the meet will tell you very own stories about Paris. You can add 20 things to do in Paris, if not will have to begin to explore Paris from.

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