Free attractions in London

London is expensive but not absence of free attractions for the tourists “empty pockets”.

1. Down the road in Piccadilly Circus

Heard, you will meet a certain acquaintance if wandering about 15 minutes on the statue of Cupid Eros in Greek mythology in Piccadilly Circus. Or at least see someone “potential” that-you-want-to-know. No one is unable to hatch a smile when surrounded by these fun street artists, businessmen hurried footsteps and the fascination of tourists to … especially the crowded weekend afternoon influx towards Chinatown enjoying Asian cuisine in London. Into the rush hour, constant double decker bus HA with “uniform” red coral will turn it into a “hot spot” happy eyes.


2. “speakers Corner” Hyde Park

Located in the northeast corner of Hyde Park has a lecture where people have spoiled presented all his thoughts without fear of anyone “throwing stones”, as it was the strict protection of the police. From the culture, religion, politics or even to …Sex is also the problem can be presented here. For those tourists to “ride a horse to see flowers”, it is useful to cultural knowledge acquisition of England.

4. Visit Covent Garden

To Covent Garden, you will always see the performing arts special. In addition, this open markets are open on weekends, the most famous Borough Market, which is considered the heaven of the gourmets. The Apple store (which is considered the world’s largest booth) in this area is also where the Apple fans queue patiently every time it “Apple bite unfinished” launching new technology products.

5. View watch change at Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace, residence of the British Royal’s tools, with rituals changed the guard has become one of the things that tourists wishing to “make the categories and town” in London. If you want to know the Queen Elizabeth II is “at home” there, you just need to get to the flag of the Queen’s phấp Coordinator on the roof of the Palace or not.

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