Iceland opening up moving the largest artificial ice the world

In the 800-meter ice moving, travelers can organize meetings, banquets, wedding and even pray.

On 1/6, Iceland will open people visited the world’s largest artificial ice. This ice is formed and carved in the second biggest Langjokull glacier in Europe, located on the plateau of the Central West of the country.

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The runway was completed thanks to the support of a team of engineers, construction workers, the American expert on geography and physics.

According to revelations from the tour operator, the ice tunnel has a length of 800 m, inside there is a small chapel to get married. It also has the room to toast or Assembly and the deepest point is 300 m above the surface of the glacier. The system will use the light in LEDs.

Visitors here will be delivered warm clothes to be able to comfortably enjoy the beauty of ice. Exploring a bid is $ 130 for the trip 2-3 hours. If you want to buy tour exclusive, price will be $ 2,000.

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