Important keys help travelers stylish in Paris

Do not try to break between the French capital if you are not a savvy fashion followers.

You want to look like genuine Parisians, sheds seem strange, bewildered traveler type? Want to make the most of the great moments in world fashion capital? Refer to the tips below, on what to do and not to do when in Paris.


Things are not so

Wearing shorts on the road: You should tell myself I’m going to attend a wedding, and should dress smartly.

Pierced sandal-wearing plastic and all.

Bring a box: You will not need umbrella or raincoat. If it rained, you will shelter in a cafe, watching the street, or simply relax in an overcast day.

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Do not carry the box for a chance to stop in roadside cafe between rain. Photo: Spanjavan / Flickr.

Wearing a backpack: You should not make yourself Everest climbers between the magnificent Paris.

Wearing jeans with decorative motifs: Men looks perfect performance with a 501 Levis jeans Basic. With weaker sex, you do not think about presence of jeans, unless you choose the type of black, tight, not colorful flowers.

Wear logo: You will not want to look bad, in terms of fashion rustic.

Using a belly bag, whether you are tourists.

You may want to use your phone to take a photo, or even semi-professional camera bag under the lens attached. This is normal, but raised the camera to shoot anywhere, anytime will certainly reveal you as guests in indigenous eyes.

Recipes should form

Please use a black, gray, beige, white. You can help take the pick and pack luggage if things carry enjoy together. Moreover, anyway you will buy new clothes. Who back to Paris without shopping fashionistas enlist?

Be loyal to the principle of simple fashion. You should only dressed in flowers, pastel pink … in case you really are masters alternative distribution map, learn proficiency from the stylish fashion magazine.

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Do not try to break between Paris if you are not a savvy fashion followers. Photo: Vogue.

Simple white shirt is always appropriate. Let take a T-shirt with the inscription “I Love Paris” for the time you got home. Toys and trendy striped, white and blue stripes with stripes is the best choice. If you are followers of leggings, it’s best to present it in the winter.

List to Avoid

You set the jogging in the capital of France? If the answer is no, you should give up double sneakers and flip-flops at home. Please select the type of doll shoes flat base, canvas tennis shoes. Some types of sandals also acceptable, but not necessarily with the macadam paved streets. You can view open-toed shoes in New York, but not in Paris.

Whether it’s summer, you do not have to wear certain sports. If cold fear when outdoors in the evening, wore a thin sweater. But jeans jacket would be too stuffy. Paris is no regulation which women must go all discreet.

Prove exquisite fashion sense by saying no to big jewelery, heavy, glittering. They only draw attention to a thief. Moreover, you should travel with lightweight luggage. Nobody in Paris evaluate you based on the amount of gold rings, diamond worn on the person.

Several small note

Pay attention to the wording of the French period. They do not say “2 pm”, which will be the “14 hours” and “21 hours” to “9 pm” … Calendar trains and buses also use a similar system.

From “rez-de-Chaussée” in French refers to the ground floor (first floor of the building). In the elevator, if you click on the symbol “R”, you will stop at the ground floor, or the front floor, go straight down the street. If you press 1, you will be present at the 2nd floor.

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Be careful of pickpockets when you are in places like the famous Eiffel Tower. Photo: Jptimes.

According to the Huffington Post, the number 13 is Paris not for bad luck or bring omen risk as some other countries.

If coffee call, you will be served a small cup of black coffee, specialty. If you want to drink coffee milk (cream), call the café-crème kind. If you want black coffee light, call the café allonge. Package cream mixed with sugar instead cafe called sucrettes.

Paris no style venue frequented forbidden. But like all major cities around the world, some place, some time will be safer than other places lack. Condition pickpockets exist in places such as the Eiffel Tower, and in the subway.

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