Ireland a great destination for the European tourists

The Republic of Ireland or Ireland is a beautiful country situated in the Northwest of Europe, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and Irish Sea.

This place is famous for the Gulf Coast, the coastline stretches extremely gorgeous, the suburb of daydreaming, and the people extremely cherish love ca. Boyzone, Westlife is the Irish band did the rain as the wind on the music world that many viewers love music Vietnam also are very familiar. If you are intending to travel Europe , Ireland is a place you should not miss.

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A little street corner in the city of Belfast in Northern Ireland

Ireland is a member of the European Union (EU) have developed economies, the main language is English, there is also a Gaelic (language is not commonly used). Dulbin, is the capital and largest city of the country, in Dulbin is home to several universities and colleges in Ireland’s reputation. In Dublin or Cork has many buildings of historical culture with typical gothic architecture of the 19th century. From the airport in Ireland to London very near, such as airport in Cork to London takes 55 minutes. In addition to the splendid city of Ireland there are suburbs with a peaceful countryside setting, dream ass, fresh air. The Irish Sea is also attractive beaches and creating a strong sense of grandeur with the bucket up the towering rock Rapids.

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Beauty should be hung v of Ireland

You also can visit Galway City, a vibrant city on the West coast of Ireland, it is also one of the fastest growing cities in Europe. Galway was a scene e ng with various culinary culture, a unique Festival. One of the significant landmarks in Ireland are also Dundalk is a brilliant backs that vitality, between Dublin and Belfast. This town is also the administrative centre of Louth, from here you take just 30 minutes drive from Dublin Airport. With the education system is highly developed and prestigious in the world, the environment education in Ireland has created more choice for international students so this country is also the destination for education. Ireland is a country of its culture with the unique culture, excellent, friendly people, beautiful country … you will have unforgettable moments while visiting the country.

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Ireland is a paradise of suburban dreaming

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