Join Quebec Winter Carnival in Canada

Every year, the Canadians held many big events in winter, but the most significant one is the Quebec Winter Carnival.


The Quebec Winter Carnival

The Quebec Winter Canival or Canadian is Carnaval de Quesbec, is an annual winter event in Quebec, Canada. If you come to Canada in winter, don’t forget to join this winter because it is the biggest winter festival in Canada, and in the world. To prove it, despite the harsh cold and snowy weather, there are thousands of visitors in the world joining this Carnivalt, in order to enjoy the majestic performance and take part in a lot of interesting activities here.

This Carnival is often hold from the end of January to the middle of February. Particularly, in 2015, the Carnival will be organized from January 30 to February 15. It will last in about 2 weeks. The main activities in this Carnival are snow slides, night parades, sculpture shows, sleigh rides, skating and snowbath. It’s a great festival for all people, from the children to the ederly. You can bring your whole family to this Carnival.

Participating this Carnival and you will not be regret!

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Snowman in the Quebec Winter Festival.

Snow sculptures show

In fact, this show is set up every year as a competition of sculptors inside and outside Canada. The sculptors create the artworks and send them for the competition. The greatest and most beatiful pieces will be performed in the Quebec Winter Carnival. The topic for these wonderful sculptors is in free theme.

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Ice Palaces

These palaces are one of the attractions in the Quebec Winter Carnival. They are all made by ice and other constructing materials, so that the palaces will look like the real ones. Especially, these artworks look more glamorous under the colorful lights.

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Nighttime parades

One of the most interesting things about Quebec is the night time parades. This is led by the mascot Bonhommed Carnival (the giant Snowman on above picture). There are parade cars with cute face of cartoon characters and other actors in many different customs walking along the streets. The parades are most beautiful when it is performed at night.

What is your first impression when first time looking at these parade characters? They are so cute, aren’t they? The night parade is one of the most activities that the visitors enjoy most. Everyone in your family, from your children, your grandparents or even youselves will like the cute face of this parade cars. Besides, who doesn’t want to look at these pirate and zany charactors dancing in the live music? It is for sure that you and your family will have the best laugh from the beginning to the end of the show.

The parades are most beautiful at night, and it is performed on Quebec streets.

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This fun and cute parade characters will make you and your family laugh.

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Many people join this parade on streets.

Some other fun events you may concern in Quebec Winter Carnival

There are also plenty of parties and outdoor activities that will make you excited, such as the masquerade ball, at the grand ballroom of the Chaateau Frontenac (there are about 400 participants joining this ball every year), some outside sports events (you may experience to cold in Canada in winter) and the outdoor dance parties at the Ice Palace performance. Coming to the Carnival, the visitors also can try many Canadian native foods and drinks.

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