Krakow one of the oldest cities of Poland

European tourism should go. -often the questions easy to see each of you when intending to travel in a vast continent, rich in history. In addition the famous cities like Rome of Italy, Paris, London, and visiting Krakow of Poland would be a wonderful suggestion for visitors.

Travel Europe,European tourism,Travel PolandWith air fare to Europe very rich today, European tours and journey to Krakow is no longer a challenge. Capital Krakow of Poland on the Vistula River dreaming at the foot of the Wawel Hill, more than 1000 years old and many Poles considered the spiritual capital of th country. The city is also a major center of tourism, attracting 10 million visitors per year. It also is home to many historical monuments and priceless art collection, with the remaining traces of a glorious ancient city urban Assembly, a magnificent, splendid golden age in the middle ages. With tour Manager to Europe has visited Poland and stop in Krakow, you’ll admire the architectural style Gothique-place to the ashes of the King of Poland. Space in Krakow has always been peaceful, serenity, even that bit of tranquil, but gloomy special charm makes you feel real close. To Krakow, you can tour the city by extensive ancient chariot, was cloaked the decor very impressive and quite eye-catching, led by a pair of strong horses be careful grooming with scissors. This makes you feel like being back in the very old, the nobles thong on the wagon glamour to the city. Visiting Krakow, you’ll find there are a lot of trains running on the road, many shops food in summer and many fly pigeons. Tranquil beauty like this city’s always cause for anyone coming here, too, is embroiled in the peaceful serenity of it. In her view, the ancient architecture of life over a few hundred years, even almost a thousand years, many citadels, castles and churches hidden along the road tour, will surely you don’t compress from the relentlessly. Visit Krakow is also the minute the visitors comfortably stroll along the banks of the Vistula River gentle, visit the Cathedral and the Museum of fine arts, climbed the hill where the ancient castle many years for more of their characteristic architecture of … In addition, you also can explore the nightlife in Krakow is very exciting, especially where the squares are gathered to chat fun, these group of people surrounded the cheer the bands, dance groups, performing on the street, how nice. A special point of Krakow, where visitors can learn to discover that education in this city. Krakow is also the city many years old, and is a major educational centre of Poland. In this city of about 170,000 students in ten universities of high quality. One of the famous universities of the Jagiellonian University -the University is rated best in Poland was established in 1363, is the home of so many generations of students proficient not only of Poland but also by students from many other countries.

Travel Europe always gives you more surprise and impression. Not only the splendor of Paris, seem patronizing of London, looks of Rome, Europe has the following about sky quiet but quite glamorous as Krakow of Poland. Maybe you won’t believe, but Krakow actually also have a very special appeal, not least the famous cities of Europe at large.

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