London and the most attractive tourist destination

London has always been a place that tourists eager to arrive. Europe travel itinerary will give you memorable moments in his life.

Join the Skytour points through the most attractive destinations of this exuberant city?!


The River Thames

There’s nothing suspicious when told that the Thames is the ideal tourist destination for when you come to visit London. There’s nothing more wonderful than if you are sitting on a yacht and delight watching the gorgeous scenery of the town, breathing the fresh air, enjoy a four-course dinner buffet and dance after dinner.


Tower Of London

Tower of London is one of the world’s most famous fortress. This tower was used for many purposes: the detention of prisoners, is also home to the Royal and serve even the Zoo. Visitors to tour the Tower of London will enjoy the beauty of antique glass with eye-catching design with the gems of mysterious mirror sparkles under the stone ages.

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London Bridge

Tourists visiting London not to be missed tourist attraction famous for this tradition. Here, visitors will explore the impact of history from the middle ages to modernity. Moreover, the this daihyakka as you go back in time.


Windsor Castle


Windsor Castle is the largest and most ancient in the world. It is the primary residence of the Queen. Visit Windsor Castle,visitors will enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the castle’s ancient magnificent great hollow.

Tower Bridge London

Located on the Thames River between London Bridge, magnificent Tower of London is one of the most impressive sights of the city. The tour visitors usually select the period from sunset to sunrise to gaze over the city and enjoy the romantic feeling, relaxing with a stream of water the River Thames.


Kensginton Palace

The Palace of Kengsinton is associated with several generations of Royal women since the time of Queen Mary, Victoria and is today the Queen Diana


 Big Ben


With more than 150 years old, Big Ben is to see through in London. The name Big Ben not to refer to the tower where only the name heavy Bell is 13 tonnes set in the Tower of Big Ben, the Tower has become a symbol for London and the uk.

London’s reputation as the ideal tourist destination of you passionate about travel especially to the young. Feel most recent flights to London to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the ancient, the famous tourist destination in the world would.

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