London – City tourist attraction in the world in 2015

Let’s face the destination point to attract more tourists to visit London’s most

Tower of London has always been one of those places attract many tourists. Make sure the tower appear in historical films about the UK will be present in the list of your sightseeing destinations.


Travel London

London Tower Bridge was built in 1894, is one of the famous bridge and iconic cities. Sightseeing Tower Bridge, visitors not only get to learn about the history of the bridge, but you also have the chance to admire the spectacular scenery of London.


Windsor Castle is just outside London, the castle occupied the oldest and largest in the world. The castle was once the palace of the Royal British official.

London Zoo is also one of the attractions are many families choose to come here. Zoo Zoo is the oldest science in the world, is home to over 17,000 animals of 755 criminal different species.


The ranking of cities is based on the latest survey of the International Monetary Fund and other institutions around the world, conducted the survey strain strain of PwC staff.

New York dropped to second place. Next ranking are Singapore and Toronto. The fourth largest city is San Francisco.



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